Who doesn’t want to create better content?

Even if you have been producing content that has earned you appreciation and a huge audience, it is still a challenge to keep the content factory running the whole time.

With creativity, burn-outs are always around the corner.

But businesses cannot afford this. If you write your own content or have someone do it for you, the following blogs will help you jumpstart your day with great ideas or come to your rescue each time you feel yourself getting into a rut.


This is the first pit stop for anyone who has decided to embark on the content creation journey and is keen to find reliable guidance.

This is also one of the most favorite haunts of seasoned bloggers. It certainly does not hurt to revisit the basics from time to time. There is just so much good stuff here – an endless number of blog posts and a ton of downloadable resources.

The aim is to help people create content that can make them money and true to that the blog is full of gems that you can visit again and again.

Recommended reads:


Content that impacts its readers and positions the author as an authority on the subject needs to be compelling. This blog is dedicated to teaching you how to do this.

CopyBlogger will help you understand the power of rightly chosen words, the importance of emotions as well as the art and the science of bringing the two together to leave the target audience super-impressed and make them want to take action.

If you want to enrich your content or make it more actionable in general, check this out on a daily basis.

Recommended reads:


This is a marketing platform, but it goes way beyond the technology it offers. It is full of interesting write-ups, thoughtful articles and a huge community of knowledgeable people who share freely. The quality is as good as it gets and they are on top of trends. Contently is a lesson in content marketing done right. You want to see how good content drives marketing? This is the place you need to visit.

You won’t have much trouble producing ideas for your content creation machinery if you follow Contently on a regular basis.

Recommended reads:

Content Marketing Institute

Sound advice on how to create content that connects and converts. True to its name, this place is quite an institute, full of research-backed blogposts, whitepapers, magazines, and podcasts. They provide training on the subject as well.

Nothing like going back to the basics to refresh one’s understanding of content marketing and learning from the best in business how to do it successfully.

Recommended reads:


Jeff Bullas is one of the leading voices in the field of content marketing. As a result, the website is full of articles articulating sound practices in this regard as well as an understanding of what it takes to produce quality content in the first place and to do so on a regular basis.

Whether it is the writer’s block you are suffering from, or are on the lookout for tools that can make your writing better, you will find it all covered on this blog. With a follower base of 16 million, there is nothing on the topic of content that you won’t find here. Sign up today!

Recommended reads:

Quick Sprout

Content that is so good and technically sound that it has people swarming to your website. That is the goal of Quick Sprout, and to that end, they have a blog that is considered the gold standard by some in the field of content marketing.

Neil Patel is an observant guy and never shies away from taking an independent stand on topics. He does his own research and shares the findings freely. You don’t always have to toe the line. In fact, challenging prevalent norms is a great way to get noticed, as long as you can back it up with sound reasoning. Take a stand, be confrontational if you have to be, but do something to make your content stand out and be of use in a unique way.

That’s the takeaway from this blog. If you are running dry, you might find here ideas to create content that is based on insights, backed by research and is experimental in nature.

Recommended reads:


Dive deeper into the world of content and marketing with this blog. Full of actionable advice, easy to read, and guidance that is proven to work.

If you find yourself in a pinch or at the end of your tether, a quick glance through this blog will generate at least a few exciting ideas for you. Better yet, subscribe for their weekly newsletter.

Recommended reads:

Where do you get content inspiration from? What do you to when ideas just won’t come, or nothing that you write seems satisfactory? Please share your insights, experiences and creativity hacks in the comments below. Also do tell us which are your favorite go-to blogs and why. We are eager to know!


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