Email, social media and blogs are the perfect digital marketing channels to grow your website traffic. One of the most important metrics that marketers need to keep track of while using these marketing channels is click-through rate (CTR).

What is Click-through Rate?

As per Wiki: “Click-through Rate (CTR) is a way of measuring the success of an online advertising campaign for a particular website as well as the effectiveness of an email campaign by the number of users that clicked on a specific link.”

CTR depends on many factors such as CTAs (Call to Actions), content, search engine rankings and more. Businesses want more and more users to click on the link provided in their marketing emails, click to follow their social business pages, click to share their business blog and click on CTA buttons on their website. The objective is to increase these clicks as much as possible.

So, how can you improve your CTRs? Here are 8 great techniques that will help you immediately increase your CTRs:
1. Appease the Search Engines

Search engines are commonly used by people to find information about products or services. A large percentage of website traffic comes from search engines. The problem here is that most people don’t go beyond the first few pages when looking at SERPs. So, if your website does not rank on the first few pages of SERPs, forget about people coming to your site through organic search.

This means, as a business, it is really necessary for you to figure on the top pages of these search results if you want to reach a wider audience. This is where the importance of SEO comes into play. You need to implement the best SEO techniques to ensure your target audience finds your website organically through search engines.

2. Include Social Sharing Options

Today, integrating social media buttons in your website, marketing emails or blogs is vital if you want to make it easy for readers to follow you on social channels or share your content with their networks. Since social media is an open channel, if somebody ‘likes’ your company’s business page or a particular post, everyone else in that person’s network notices this action. Customers are more influenced by the opinion of a friend or acquaintance than by any other marketing ad. Incorporating social media buttons across the various online digital marketing channels that you use will not only increase your follower base but also boost your site traffic.

3. Personalize Your Messages

Businesses should send personalized messages to their followers rather than opting for automated emails or messages. An automated message is a generic message and appears impersonal. On the other hand, if you send a personalized message (through email or on social channels), your readers and followers will appreciate the time you spend personalizing the relationship.

Monitoring and analyzing your subscribers or followers will help you know what interests them and you can use this information to send them personalized offers in messages. If your offer speaks to your follower’s or recipient’s needs, it’s a no brainer that you will receive more clicks to redeem that offer. A personalized message will funnel people to your website, blog or social channels.

4. Create Urgency

If you want people to take some action, give them a deadline like “Limited Time Offer” or “Hurry! Offer Ends Today”. Creating a sense of urgency will skyrocket your CTRs as it invokes a scarcity mentality. You can use urgency to boost your website traffic, increase newsletter subscribers, grow social followers or boost sales.

A tactic of adding a time limit to your email subject line, PPC ad or social post forces readers to redeem the offer quickly, increasing your click-through rates.

5. Create Valuable Content

Today, people receive several marketing emails or posts in their social feeds from businesses. Most people spend less than a microsecond on deciding whether to go through the message or not. If you want to improve your CTRs, ensure the content of your message is focused, precise and entices your customer to click on the provided link.

The more quality content you syndicate on social media or your marketing emails, the more inbound traffic you’ll generate.

6. Offer Incentives to Social Followers or Email Subscribers

People love discounts and freebies and are more likely to follow a brand if they are getting some free stuff. In fact, according to a report, 52% of followers want some kind of special offers from the businesses they are following on social networks. Exclusive offers or promotions for social followers will boost your social media reach.

When someone starts following you on social channels or signs up for your newsletter, you can offer them discount coupons, free download of an eBook or exclusive content or freebies to turn followers or subscribers into potential customers. Such tactics will fuel customer satisfaction giving them a reason to click through!

7. Choose Low Competition Keyword Phrases

Adding a targeted keyword to the headline and copy of your ad will increase the likelihood of it getting clicked. The large number of online advertisers’ means there is high competition for general keywords. On the other hand, long tail keywords have less competition so it increases chances of your ad showing up higher on search engines. According to a study, the click-through rate for high-competition terms ranged from 0.30 percent to 3.90 percent while the click-through rates for low-competition phrases ranged from 0.43 percent to 4.34 percent. These stats clearly show that using long-tail keywords in your ads will improve your click-through rates.

8. Use Strong Call-to-Actions

Call-to-action buttons should persuade your visitors (followers/subscribers) to take some action. That action could be anything – watching a video, buying a product or service, following your business page on social channels, signing up for a newsletter or downloading an eBook.

If you want to increase your CTRs, design your CTA buttons such that they are clear, obvious, consistent and highly visible. The wording, color and size of these buttons also matters a lot. Making use of these techniques in your digital marketing campaign will significantly improve your click-through rates, thereby increasing your follower and subscriber base. Improving CTRs will translate your advertising efforts into dollars!


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