A capture page, also known as a landing page, lead capture page, or lander, is simply a Web page where visitors first land upon clicking a link. This could be a link that shows up in Google search results, or a paid advertisement. The first time someone visits your website, they are greeted by this page.

The purpose of the capture page is to convert visitors into leads and eventually into customers. This is accomplished in a number of ways. Given the importance of this page, it is essential for businesses to get a few aspects right. Let’s look at some of the elements that make a cool capture page.

Keep opt-in forms short

When someone has been directed to your blog via word of mouth or a strong recommendation elsewhere, they might not need coaxing to sign up. But more often than not, visitors stumble across capture pages through links that show up in Google SERPs.

Since your average Internet user visits many blogs over the course of a week, and is understandably shy of signing up for updates from yet another one, your capture page should be, well, captivating enough to make an impression on them, in addition to being relevant to their interests.

Keep the opt-in form short. You don’t need anything other than their email to get started. First name, at the most. Certainly not physical address and postal code. That kind of information is almost passé. Long opt-in forms are annoying and intrusive. Only ask for information that you absolutely need or you run a high risk of losing the visitor’s interest.

Make an offer they cannot refuse

You don’t have a lot of time to make an impression with the capture page. Visitors spend all of a few seconds before deciding whether they want to proceed. That’s how short a window you have!

Why should they entertain your offer or enter their contact information? What’s in it for them?

In just a few words your capture page should convey the essence of your website as well as the direct advantage the user would stand to gain if they subscribed to it. Mention any tempting ebooks and/or other resources that you give away to those signing up with you.


Simple, clear and to the point. If you’re a marketer or a business owner, would you be interested in doubling your traffic?

I bet you would!

Would an ebook full of tips and tricks that could double your traffic sound like something worth your time reading? Yes.

They have gone a step ahead and offered their followers something more than blog updates and downloadable resources. Instead of email, QuickSprout requests a log-in with Google in order to access the Google Analytics data of the followers, which the company proposes to analyze for them. That’s quite a value for business owners!

It helps to boast of any statistic that is likely to make people notice your services. Can you think of any? How have you helped businesses/customers?

Do you have an unusual story from which your clients benefit? Capture the essence of your business and mention that in the lander for maximum impact. That is how you stand out and convince prospects that your blog is worth sticking with.

Straightforward and tempting – like marketing speak should be. In fact, they teach business owners how to write their own copy and certainly practice what they preach as evidenced by this capture page.

Integrating a video in the capture page is a brilliant idea. It allows the owners to convey not only what they are selling but also their personality, so that prospects get a clear idea of what’s in store for them.

Pique their curiosity with humor

If you can get a laugh out of them, you’ve done well. If you can create a memorable landing page, even better!

Check out the capture page of our blog for a classic example of an unusual and humorous capture page. I doubt you’ve seen anything like this before!

We have made use of quirky animation to make our point. That also beautifully demonstrates the fact that we provide video animation services to our clients. Should someone from our target audience land here, they are very likely to contact us/sign up with us for more information.

You can use your own picture to lend the page a personal touch. If you happen to have a winning smile, I suggest you do!

This is another example of a hilarious capture page, which ties into the essence of the brand.

The language is not up to everyone’s liking, but that wouldn’t matter since the product is aimed at a certain kind of clientele, for whom a love for potty humor is a must!

Put your best foot forward

A capture page is an excellent lead generation tool. Email marketing continues to be one of the best ways of generating online conversions, and a capture page is how you gain that information. When you have a visitor at your doorstep, so to speak, don’t let her slip away without a glance.

If you have researched your audience well, you would know exactly what she wants to hear or where she would need help. Use that information, in a fun way, if possible, to make her stay and sign up!

What are some examples of unconventional or hilarious capture pages that you have seen? Did they convince you to sign up? Whether they did or not, why do you think was that the case? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Pete Peranzo

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