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Sometimes designing a website isn’t just about looks or functionality, it’s about the change you want to see in this world. Passion comes in many forms, and there are a myriad of ways out there to reach out to other people and improve their lives. At Imaginovation, we were fortunate enough to have the chance to work with BailaCura, a group that truly makes a difference!


Imagine This: BailaCura Website - Imaginovation

BailaCura is a non-profit organization that offers hope and support to individuals with cancer. Founded with a mission to “Use the power and passion of dance to raise funds and support for cancer research and patient care.” BailaCura is empowering people to action through the joyful expression of movement.

Imagine This: BailaCura Website - Imaginovation

Matthew Bergens, founder of BailaCura, is passionate about how effective using dance to overcome the physical and emotional obstacles presented during cancer treatment can be. During his own cancer treatment journey, Matthew found solace and hope through connecting to his body in positive ways. Joining forces with the local dance community, he’s working to connect the medical and cancer patient community with local dance groups. It’s a combination that’s both breathtakingly refreshing and remarkably simple.

On September 21-24, 2017, BailaCura will hold its first event in the Triangle. The Triangle Latin Dance Festival offers a chance for dancers and the community to come together to support the University of North Carolina’s Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Care Center. This organization provides both treatment and care for cancer patients, as well as research opportunities for top cancer doctors. Dancers of all levels can come out and have a great time with Latin dance, while also lending their support to a fantastic cause.

This is all just the beginning for BailaCura. Moving forward, there are plans for more events and further fundraising efforts in support of cancer treatment. Raising awareness that dance can benefit cancer patients is great for dancers and for those facing the challenges of this illness.

A website that reaches out

Imagine This: BailaCura Website | Imaginovation

Imaginovation partnered with BailaCura to create a beautiful website that communicates its cause of bringing the power and love in the dance community to cancer patients. The site is a platform for communicating not only opportunities for events and fundraising, but also for sharing why dance can be so vital to cancer patients through the course of their treatment.

When it comes to non-profit web design, we rely on the same techniques that work for businesses. That means a design that’s easy to navigate, offers a strong visual presence and incorporates mobile compatibility. Optimized to reach the widest audience possible, BailaCura’s new site gives everyone the chance to support the work of this amazing organization. In addition, the site is built with SEO in mind to ensure that the message gets out to everyone.

The other integral piece of non-profit web design is ease of use. That’s why we built BailaCura WordPress. This user friendly format means that small organizations who don’t have a dedicated web administrator can easily make mundane updates that are needed to keep their website timely. WordPress is incredibly user friendly and perfect for novice administrators. Content changes are simple and straightforward, leaving the staff time to focus on other aspects of their work.

Potential donors can easily access the site on any device and buy tickets, learn about events or make a donation. Users can easily navigate to learn more about artists involved in the organization, upcoming events and even accommodations related to events.

The mission of BailaCura is a dominant design element on the site, giving visitors an instant window into what this innovative non-profit is offering. Education is the primary goal of non-profit work, and it’s something that’s right out front in this elegant web design. The other piece that’s right out front is detailed information about the BailaCura event. Though it’s possible to make a donation directly from the site, the main fundraising focus of this group is to sell event tickets to raise funds for cancer research. The central selling point of this group is that it’s connecting live dance with cancer research funding, and making events as successful as possible is key to the mission of BailaCura. Imaginovation also integrated an e-commerce system so users can easily purchase tickets to the event without leaving the website. That kind of onsite functionality keeps visitors engaged and active, even after they’ve donated.

Overall, the build and functionality of this website meets the needs of BailaCura, providing the streamlined and straightforward information along with ease of use to web administrators. Non-profit organizations work hard to do good in the world. A strong web presence makes all the difference in finding success for non-profits today.

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