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Solving real world problems is one of the most salient uses of mobile app technology.

Imaginovation partnered with PsychScribe to create an app that steps in to take on a challenge that matters in mental health. Mental health professionals have long found themselves deluged with paperwork regarding patient records and compliance with legal requirements regarding discretion. Organizing and tracking all of those physical forms is a problem that plagues every mental health professional, from counselors to psychologists. Keeping accurate records of client interactions and privacy is an integral part of running a mental health service and maintaining licensure.

PsychScribe offers a solution that is simple, straight forward and, most importantly, secure. It solves a real world problem for the mental health industry, giving professionals a way to maintain paperwork right from a smartphone.

Technologies used to create PsychScribe

To create a cohesive and compelling website for PsychScribe, Imaginovation used HTML, CSS, JQUERY, MYSQL, and PHP. The result is a clean, crisp site that looks great on every device. With integrated video, a gallery of compelling images of the app, and a clear breakdown of app features, PsychScribe’s website offers mental health professionals all that they need to know in a format that they can access easily. This customer-facing site is built on a single page model, with topline navigation and unobtrusive animation.

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The app itself is built with Java and Swift in order offer the most malleability and the highest possible security. It’s easy to navigate, with a built in ability to take notes, upload documents, chart developmental history, record patient information, create treatment plans, and so much more. Imaginovation worked in close conjunction with the experts in this industry in order to proffer a mobile application that functions seamlessly for the needs of mental health practitioners. App design was carefully crafted with ease of use in mind.

Available both on the iTunes app store and in the Google Play store, the PsychScribe app is usable on a wide variety of platforms to allow users across the spectrum to conveniently access this technology wherever they need it.

Security matters for mental health

A top priority for mental health providers is discretion. Privacy is mandated through HIPPA regulation and emphasized in training and licensure. It’s also a critical component of patient care, as patients need to feel comfortable in order to be open about sensitive issues.

PsychScribe utilizes top of the line, HIPPA compliant security in order to keep private information private. Data breeches and security problems are not an issue when using this mobile technology. Data is encrypted and export passwords are protected in order to ensure that patient data is secure. The HIPPA-compliant server that stores patient data with PsychScribe utilizes multiple redundant power backups along with high encryption levels. Consistent access to patient information is a necessary part of this process, and it’s what PsychScribe offers. Unlimited storage through along with security ensures that users have all of the tools that they need to run their business with confidence.

Imaginovation’s technological prowess in mobile development allows the end user to feel confident that the necessary information is secure. As professional mobile app developers, Imaginovation has a long history of delivering clients the level of security that’s required in a holistic manner. We recognize that this is a central issue for mental health professionals, and as such have given security the required focus that it deserves in this application. End users can feel confident that they aren’t risking client information leaks with PsychScribe.

Manage patient files and records with ease

Ease of use is what makes mobile technology so appealing. That’s why the PsychScribe application includes the latest in navigation and interactive design. Mental health professionals will find that they can utilize this app to serve all the necessary functions that they need for patient record keeping.

One of the best aspects of this application is the continued improvements. The app amends to the growing needs of mental health providers. Imaginovation recognizes that mobile technology isn’t static. The needs of the marketplace constantly change. The more responsive designers and developers are to changes, the better mobile technology will be at meeting the needs of the end user.

The subscription-based model of this application allows mental health professionals to choose their fee. This option allows them to purchase access to PsychScribe in monthly, quarterly or yearly formats.

Imaginovation is proud to have partnered with PsychScribe to create an app that allows users to get patient recordkeeping out of the filing cabinet and into the mobile world we all live in today.

This application solves real world problems for an important sector of health and wellness, utilizing technology for a higher goal. Recordkeeping and maintenance has never been easier or more secure than with PsychScribe.

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