In order to understand how Google Plus affects search rankings, it’s important to first talk about how popular search engines work.

People enter keywords related to the information they need to find, and search engines return a list of websites that relate to them. The order in which these websites appear is not random. There’s a lot mathematics (and advertising!) that goes into it. Without going into the technical details of how Google’s search algorithm works, suffice it to say that honest attempts at creating user-friendly websites and resourceful content, combined with a smart SEO strategy, should aid most businesses to rise up in Google SERPs.

SEO experts and website owners have come up with several tactics to ensure that their websites rank better. These are aimed at increasing the traffic the websites receive, as those that attract high volumes of traffic are identified faster and ranked higher by Google.

The aim, therefore, is to make your website receive as many hits as possible. So far it’s apparent that all these things work in tandem – a website has to receive more visitors to rank better with search engines, and for it to receive more visits it has to be well-optimized and content-driven for the very same search engines.

SEOs optimize web pages, employ targeted keywords, and include links to social sites to attract more prospects. Social networks have turned out to be a boon for businesses, but Google Plus particularly so given its relevance to SEO.

The power of Google Plus in enhancing ranking is immense because of the following factors:

  • Google Plus refers all its searches to Google. Using the Google Plus social media platform gives a website all the advantages when it comes to search rankings. This is because of Google’s massive network and the fact that it’s the most popular search engine. That is at least one of the biggest reasons why Google Plus is so powerful when it comes to search results.
  • Google Plus is the second largest social site. When you consider this, and the co- relation between Google Plus and Google, you realize that your website has all the chances of being found by more and more users online. There are numerous potential clients already on Google Plus, and they will likely encounter your website or profile page.
  • All Google Plus hashtags refer to Google. Hashtags on social media sites categorize topics and help them to be found by more people. When a hashtag of a website or a product is pinned on Google Plus, on being clicked it refers to Google search and your website ranks accordingly.
  • You can edit your old posts on Google Plus. Unlike other social sites where you cannot edit previous posts, you can do so on Google Plus. This makes it possible for you to keep track of your old posts and update them to keep them relevant. This makes Google Plus effective in ensuring that readers identify with your content and thus visit you regularly.
  • Google Plus search results like Google’s. Google Plus is quite special compared to other social sites because just like Google, it also gives preferences to the best-optimized search results. This means, like Google itself, it has some SEO ranking power.
  • It uses automated software called Crawler. This is crucial in retrieving and analyzing websites associated with, or which have a presence on, Google. This means that websites, blogs or profiles on Google Plus will rank better when the crawler is permitted by web owners/designers to crawl their pages. This gives Google Plus an edge over other social networks.
  • Google Plus has increased sharing power. Google +1 is a unique sharing formula. It helps with sharing of websites and links profiles with the users of Google Plus. The +1 way of sharing is faster and automatically filters out who can see the shared content. This is, therefore, a great factor in giving your information preference with the right recipients within Google Plus.
  • Google Plus profiles provide direct links to your website. They may also include specific pages like the About page. This increases the chances of your website getting found and therefore ranking better in other basic searches that happen on Google.
  • You connect easily with people in your field of expertise. When it becomes easier for clients to connect with you via other people in the field of your specialization, it increases the chances of your website receiving more visitors. Because you are a part of a particular community, you already have some ready credibility with the visitors.

However, even as debate continues regarding Google Plus’s ability to make your business or profile more visible, it’s imperative to understand that your website has to be well-optimized for the purpose. It ought to impress visitors with smooth navigation, fast page loading, captivating graphics and themes, and useful content. Besides pinning it on Google Plus, keep updating it, as well as changing its appearance from time to time, to attract new visitors and retain the existing ones.


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