Raleigh is known as a commuter city; most people drive where they need to go and deal with the price to park. Recently, a few tech companies have launched apps in hopes to influence more people to use taxis instead of driving themselves, and the most recent one titled Taxi Taxi seems to have taken the cake.

Taxi Taxi’s mantra is to provide safe, clean, and reliable customer service to a user. They’re doing so by adding cameras to the inside and outside of the cab, putting all their drivers through a series of background checks, and must pass all city inspections (which also gives them a taxi permit). These are all things that other app-backed taxi companies aren’t doing and why I think they’re taking the cake on the race for the best taxi app.

So, why is this the best taxi app? After a thorough search of the app’s features, usability, and intuitiveness, here’s what I see:

  • You can see how many cars are in your area while booking a cab from the app.
  • All of your stops are saved so you don’t have to continually put in the same address or restaurant.
  • There’s no booking fee AND you don’t need a credit card when booking a ride. This is especially awesome for hotels/buildings who book rides for other folks.
  • Speaking of payment… If you don’t want to use the in-cab credit card machine, you can pay using the app itself.

To be sure, nothing is certain when it comes to putting your life in someone else’s driving ability, but with the processes Taxi Taxi has in place to ensure they only use the best drivers and the 24/7 video monitoring, they’ve put my mind at ease and received my vote of confidence.

If you want to say hey to the company itself, you can find them on twitter @TaxiTaxiRaleigh


Pete Peranzo

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