Product Strategy

Discovery and Exploration

Transforming Visions into Concrete Plans with Strategic Insight.

Discovery And Exploration Services.

From delving deep into project requirements to mapping out precise developmental paths, our team ensures every aspect of your idea is thoroughly examined and planned for optimal execution.

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Requirement Analysis

Our team collects and analyzes your project needs, transforming them into detailed documentation. This ensures our solutions align perfectly with your vision and objectives

User Experience Design & Prototyping

User Experience Design & Prototyping

Understanding user behavior is at the core of our approach. We create designs and prototypes based on user preferences, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience from the first interaction.

Project Cost and Timeframe

Project Cost and Timeframe

We provide clarity from the outset and evaluate all project facets to offer a detailed cost estimate and realistic timeline. This helps you plan and allocate resources effectively.

Object Mapping

Object Mapping

We break down complex project details into clear parts. This creates a roadmap for development, focusing on key features and aligning with your objectives and user preferences.

Our Enterprise Web Design Process

We’ve spent years mastering our process to manage projects efficiently and create winning results. Imaginovation specializes in dynamic design and agile methodologies. Here’s how we do it.

Our Enterprise <span class="boldWord">Web Design Process</span>

Kick Off Your Project.

Your end goal with an enterprise website should be to stand out from the crowd – not conform to the masses. Partnering with Imaginovation gives you that edge with the industry’s finest designers and developers.




Good communication is essential in any partnership. You can always contact our team with any questions, ideas, or concerns and we’ll get back to you with meaningful answers.




You aren’t just another number in a spreadsheet when you work with Imaginovation. You work with professionals who are dedicated specifically to your project.




Our team closely follows the proven Agile methodology. We have created our own Agile project management program to keep everyone organized and on-task to meet all deadlines.




We want our clients to feel they are in the driver’s seat at all times – we’re your time-tested vehicle with built-in GPS guiding you to your destination.

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