• Web App

MagicTask is the flagship product created by Imaginovation for our own internal operations - and eventually for other organizations. It is a robust enterprise task management platform that aims to boost productivity, efficiency, and work satisfaction with a simplified user experience.

Contractor Score

  • Web Design
  • Digital Transformation
  • Web App
  • Construction
  • Finance

The goal is for a contractor or engineer to earn a good score and compare themselves to the rest of the market. Contractor Score is the Fair Isaac for them. We built a web-based system to support the purchase, automation of scoring, and management of previous scores for users on mobile and desktop devices.


  • Web App
  • Digital Tranformation
  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing

CERTEK is a maintenance program designed to help facilities better meet their maintenance goals. This can be done through a series of tasks – which can either be on a weekly, monthly, or custom date range.

Grover Gaming

  • Digital Transformation
  • Software Development

Grover Gaming is a software development company that specializes in electronic games. The company creates innovative and entertaining gaming experiences for clients in different industries throughout the US and Canada. Imaginovation developed a restaurant and bar POS for Grover Gaming.