The pandemic impacted markets severely, and businesses are reeling with talent shortages of historical scales.

All isn’t doom, as hiring a dedicated development team can be a viable solution today. Have you considered it? If you haven't, you may be missing out on something huge.

According to recent statistics, outsourcing could hit $731 trillion in 2023. With global talent shortages touching a 16-year-high, finding the talent—businesses need is challenging.

Enter—Dedicated Development Team Model, which is picking up steam. And with top enterprises adopting it—business owners must explore the trend.

So, what facets are in a dedicated development team model? Why should business owners consider hiring a dedicated development team? Keep reading as we demystify the myriad facets.

Dedicated Development Team Model: What It is and How It Works?

Let's start with the basics. A dedicated development team model means an exclusive team. Picture outsourcing a project to specialists. If you do, the specialists may work based on the hourly rate and might be involved in several projects simultaneously. And that's a sheer productivity downer!

Now, with the dedicated model, you can expect the software developers you work with to focus on one project at a time. Today, the dedicated software development team has become a popular outsourcing partnership and collaboration model.

Many business owners prefer a dedicated development team to achieve their IT goals and needs. It is one of the best outsourcing engagement models today. The model involves a software development company who provides a specialist team to handle long-term business projects. The good part is that the team will stay committed to one project and one client at a time.

You can consider it as a JIT (or on-demand) workforce. Wherein you hire a dedicated team to accomplish your specific business objectives. So, the team works remotely. And it is easy for you to communicate and manage the team directly with the help of management software or structure.

A Quick Comparison: Dedicated Development Team vs. In-House Development Team

While many organizations are transitioning to a dedicated development team for the benefits derived, some enterprises prefer in-house developers. Here's a quick glimpse of a comparison to other hiring options for those wondering what could be an ultimate choice.

Table 1: Quick Comparison of Diverse Hiring Options


Dedicated Team

In-house Developers

Freelance Developers

Quick start




Starting the project

1 – 5 days

1 – 8 weeks

1 – 5 weeks

Dedicated resources



Not always

Recruitment and hiring time

1 – 10 days

1 – 2 months

1 – 12 weeks





Cost in acquisition


$10,000 - $35,000

$10,000 & less

Cost in training


$5,000 - $15,000


Project quality



Depends (some)

Project failure and risk

Quite low







Scaling up the team

2 – 3 days

1 – 2 months

1 – 2 weeks

Communication ease







Lack of proper management

Bottom line: The dedicated development team model clearly comes out more substantial than the other hiring options. Thus, C-level executives must consider the model for gaining that competitive edge.

Why Do Business Owners Need a Dedicated Development Team?

Think about it: any collaboration model has its pros and cons. Here is a peek at some benefits of hiring a dedicated team.

1. Access to a global talent pool

Here's the thing: up to 40% of employers find it challenging to find the right specialists. With the dedicated model, business leaders can significantly speed up the process. Thus, the talent gap is no longer a concern.

Moreover, when you consider this model for application development, business executives can easily access top talent globally. It is easy to find all types of dedicated software developers with various tech skills and expertise. So, it will be easy to access this global talent pool to run your day-to-day operations, whether you are a start-up, small business, or big enterprise.

2. Economic viability

One of the significant advantages of considering a dedicated development model is cost-effectiveness. In comparison to building an in-house team, it is cheaper to hire a dedicated team.

In an in-house team, one must consider the administrative processes of finding expert developers. Yes, you're right—it takes a lot of time and effort. Plus, recruiting can be stressful for the budget.

The dedicated model is a more viable solution as the dedicated team already has expertise in specific technologies required for the project. Moreover, when you hire a dedicated team, you don't have to worry about infrastructure, workplace expenses, recruitment processes, taxes, and training. One can easily save heavily on infrastructure and administrative overheads.

3. Project expertise

team expertise

A dedicated development team depending on your technical requirement may comprise the following:

  • Product Manager
  • Project Manager
  • UX/UI Designers
  • Business Analyst
  • Backend and Frontend Developers
  • Quality Assurance Tester
  • DevOps Engineer

Finding the right expertise can be like finding a blend that's just right for your company's operations. These professionals have often already worked on similar projects and can offer helpful advice. Moreover, the dedicated team already has a streamlined workflow and can quickly adapt to the delegation of tasks.

4. Flexibility and scalability

Are customers' demands and expectations static? Yes, you're right—they aren't! Thus, one needs to be ready to curate complex solutions, which involve a set of technologies and frameworks that require a team with a specific skill set. Thus, in a dedicated team model, hiring experts with specific expertise is easy.

In scenarios where the needs and expectations keep changing, the dedicated team can adapt quickly. What's more? Unlike the fixed price model, you don't need to re-estimate or reconsider pricing. Thus, the unpredictability is handled better under this model.

You won't have scalability issues when adopting the model, as it is easy to hire additional developers when the project needs increased capacity and functionalities based on demands. Scaling up and adjusting to the needs and adding further resources with the suitable skill set is easier with the dedicated model.

5. Offers adaptability and focus

The good part of building an offshore dedicated team is its focused approach. Business leaders get a dedicated team who can focus on the project allocated. Moreover, the focus comes with adaptability. Most dedicated teams work on a time and material basis, and the team is unrestricted by a flexible and overloaded scope.

Thus, they can focus on quick wins and delivering results. The team can also quickly make pivots, implement changes, and validate any project idea faster than other models.

6. Brings more control

When you build a dedicated team, you enjoy full control over many facets, such as the selection and management of the team members. It is also easy to manage highly competent and qualified experts, infrastructure, and resources based on project requirements.

7. Provides a quick development cycle

development cycle

Yet another advantage is that the dedicated development team can achieve a quick development cycle. This helps ensure that the final outcome is bespoke of quality. Moreover, due to the collaboration between the client and the focused team members, the entire process can proceed at a higher pace.

The project can be tweaked (if needed) without any hassles. Ultimately, the model is ideal for projects that require constant adjustments due to ever-changing technologies and market trends.

8. Promotes collaboration

Outsourcing can have hassles regarding collaboration between the client and the development team. When you focus on building the dedicated development team model, the client can interact with the team directly. With no intermediaries, it helps to make planning and development more efficient. You can think of it as an in-house team; however, the costs involved are lesser, and the advantage is the opportunity to work with specialists who know the ins and outs of niche technologies.

9. Offers continuous integration

Projects evolve, and to succeed—it is crucial to scale up. In this context, a dedicated team model is very effective for projects that grow and evolve. Plus, the team can deliver top-quality expertise and value-added extensions that can support the scaling and seamless integration facets of your project.

10. Fast turnaround time

One of the advantages that one will enjoy with a dedicated development team is their ability to develop complex apps just when you need them. It is easy to hire a dedicated development team faster than to hire an in-house team.

For example - it is true for proficient partners like Imaginovation that already has a ready pool of expert talent. Plus, you don't need to train the team, as they come with the right expertise. The facet gives you an extra edge to build your app much faster and gives you a competitive advantage in the market.

When to Think of Getting a Dedicated Development Team Onboard?

After a peek at the pros of the dedicated development team model, you may still wonder if it is suitable for you. Does it fit all types of projects? When should you consider the model? Here's a preview.

You want specialists but don't have time to hire an in-house team

At times, you may need specialists with various competencies immediately. In such scenarios, one may need more time to hire in-house talent because of the time to hire and train. Instead, consider hiring a dedicated team with specialists ready to work on the project instantly.

You need specialists to manage a complex or long-term project

It always helps to hire experts who can share a different perspective on the project. The ideas can help to come up with better solutions to solve complex development problems.

Moreover, dedicated teams are more apt for projects having a vast scope with close-knit interdependencies and unknowns. In contrast, when you are on a strictly limited budget or a stringent deadline, having a whole team of experts is an excellent thing for your business. With sufficient technical expertise, the dedicated team can help expedite project delivery.

You have a large project and anticipate frequent updates

You can think of a dedicated team when you have large projects lined up with frequent updates (both planned and unplanned.) The model is a perfect fit for projects that have the potential to scale. Instead of spending time on administrative facets, you will find the model cost-effective and allows you to focus on your business priorities.

You have no technical manager for the project on hand

It's always great to have an expert who knows the ins and outs of the technological facets and can make decisions based on experience. It is prudent to opt for a technical manager if you don't have one at your end for the project at hand. You may hire a dedicated team and trust their technical capacities and decision-making.

You need to develop an MVP or want to expand to new markets

A dedicated team is just right for scenarios where you need to build a product, MVP, or venture. The team brings expertise and proficiency, which will help you get additional help on board, and deliver quality results.

Wrapping Up

Ultimately, hiring a dedicated development team may seem almost like a magic solution. Of course, the magic isn't going to work if you don't weigh the pros and cons vis-à-vis your business scenario. It is vital to put your thinking hats on and look at the benefits you may gain in reducing costs, augmented quality, and more.

You may face challenges if you aren't sure where to start. However, you can always team up with proficient experts established in the market (like Imaginovation), who can walk you through making the decision, and partner with you to transform your ideas into futuristic digital realities.

Imaginovation: An Award-Winning Technology Partner for Dedicated Development

For elite development of sustainable and bespoke projects of quality, you need to do it the right way. Partnering with an award-winning technology partner as a dedicated development team can help to transform smartly.

We can walk you through achieving a holistic alignment for developing niche technology applications. Let’s talk.


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