Mobile is becoming a new standard for online shopping. It’s roughly estimated that almost four out of five Americans shop online, and more than 50% of them use a mobile device for shopping.

According to reports, mobile shoppers spend 2x much money compared to other customers. In 2019, mobile sales are predicted to make up 44.7% of the total e-commerce sales in the United States.

What else? It’s observed that 80% of smartphone users are more likely to purchase from companies that have mobile apps that help them easily answer their questions. Reports suggest that 76% of consumers shop on mobile devices because “it saves them time”.

But, what does all this data mean to your business? Well, it means that this is high time you should think of having a custom mobile app for your business. As smartphones are becoming more and more accessible, these numbers will only increase.

Why Mobile Apps are Important for Small Businesses & Large Enterprises?

Mobile apps are highly important in today’s business environment. Considering the above facts and figures, it’s clear that there is going to be a significant rise in mobile commerce in the near future. Businesses across the world have already started migrating to mobile apps.

Still not sure why your business needs a mobile app? Here are some major benefits of having a mobile app for your business:

1. Direct Communication and Efficient Customer Engagement

Mobile applications provide an effective way to keep customers engaged. It allows you to communicate with your customers in real-time, and share the latest updates, new product launches, promotional offers, and discounts.

Today, more than 2.6 billion people own a smartphone. You’ll always know that whatever marketing updates you’re sending out are well received by the app users.

2. Increased Recognition & Customer Loyalty

The best thing about custom mobile apps is that they allow business owners to improve awareness of the brand. Improving customer loyalty is one of the most critical aspects of business marketing.

With regular communication with your target audience, you can foster trust even further. And, the more your customers trust you, the more it improves brand loyalty.

3. Stand Out From The Crowd

Custom mobile applications provide a competitive edge to your business.

Not only can you use it for effective communication but also use it as an omnichannel marketing tool to reach out to a broader audience. By the time your competitors realize their potential, you’ll already have captured a big share of the market.

4. Effective Marketing Tool

With custom business apps, you can make sure that your business is visible to your customers at all times. You can reach out to your customers through direct messaging and push notifications.

In addition, you can even integrate your mobile app with popular social media channels like Facebook and allow customers to share their experience with their network. This can help you reach the untapped customer base through your users’ network.

What’s more? Your app can even send you crucial data, such as customer behavior, demographics, and geolocation, which you can use to optimize your marketing efforts further.

5. Improved Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is highly important to sustain high competition. With a custom mobile app for your business, you offer customer service in a much faster way.

Customers love it when they know their concerns are being heard on priority, and the solutions are provided in no time.

Your mobile app can work as a help desk where customers can post their comments, questions, or complaints anytime. When customers get personalized replies to their concerns, engagement is much higher.

6. Boost Your Sales and Profits

With higher customer satisfaction, you can achieve higher sales and profits. According to SalesForce, more than 70% of purchases are influenced by how customers are being treated.

The demand for your products or services grows when you have a large number of satisfied customers. You can also run loyalty programs through your app to reward your loyal customers.

You can also use your mobile app to influence the buying experience of your customers. For example, you can use area-sensitive push notifications that will nudge customers when they are around the physical store.

7. Improved Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is one of the golden metrics in the marketing world. According to Forrester’s study on online retailing, the conversion rate on mobile apps is 2X more than the conversion rate on mobile browsers.

It is found that sending timely in-app messages keeps users engaged and loyal for a longer period. Conversion rate increases with an increase in the engagement rate. This means, if you provide a high-quality customer experience and keep them engaged, you stand a better chance of boosting the overall ROI.

Check out our infographic below to better understand the benefits of mobile apps for your business.

How mobile app benefits your business - Infographic

Turning Your App Ideas into A Digital Reality

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Why Mobile Apps are Important for Small Business & Large Enterprises?
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