Games have always been a lucrative business. Even statistics show that revenue from the video gaming industry dominates all other entertainment sectors.

For example, the global box office revenue in 2023 is projected to hit around $32 billion, while the video games market is expected to generate a whopping $384.90 billion​. That’s huge!

The numbers above show why appreneurs are so interested in developing games, and why there’s a growing demand for game app developers.

Building a mobile game application is not similar to developing a regular app. It takes a unique approach and skills. That’s why hiring a game app developer is considered a crucial step in the entire development process.

The success of your game heavily depends on the development partner you choose. If you’re an aspiring appreneur looking to hire game app developers, keep reading. We discuss 7 essential tips to help you hire the best talent and bring your game idea into a digital reality.

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Tips for Hiring Game App Developers

Technology is evolving, and finding the right talent is challenging. You need to make sure that the game developer is well-informed about the right set of tools. They should be well-equipped with tech updates, cross-platform solutions, and the latest technologies.

1. Experience in Coding and Scripting

It goes without saying that the game developer should be well-versed in the scripting languages.

Java, Python, and C+/C++ are some of the common programming languages used to develop games. C# is also critical knowledge for Unity, one of the popular game engines used to create 2D, 3D, AR, and VR-based game apps.

Some developers are skillful at coding aptitudes, while others focus on aesthetic game art. But every programming language of gaming differs from the other.

Programming Skills for Gaming

C++ Programming

One of the standard programming languages used in creating games is C++. With C++, programmers can write complex computer programs and designs for memory management.

World of Aircraft, Fortnite, Counter-Strike, and many more are built using the C++ language. It is widely used in Unreal Engine, a powerful game engine developed by Epic Games.

Knowledge and experience in crucial programming languages and game engines are crucial for game developers.

C# or C Sharp

It is a unique programming language, best applied while scripting for the Unity engine. If you have already mastered C/C++, designing with the C# programming language is at your fingertips.

You can create Playstation Mobile games with C#. Since Unity supports C# scripting, you can also create 3D games and several larger C# console applications. Besides, developers familiar with C++ or C# can easily create AR/VR and Mixed Reality games.


Java is used to build most of the multiplayer games. It supports multithreaded programming that uses less memory. Java helps execute multiple programs and utilizes the maximum CPU time.

One of the benefits of using Java for building gaming apps is that it can reduce development costs. Java runs faster even on virtual machines, and it’s highly productive for game developers.


Python is one of the most versatile high programming languages widely used by game developers. It helps build game architectures, simulations, networking, graphics, and user interfaces.

But, unlike C++ and Java, Python is limited to using only one core at a time, which slows down the execution speed. However, Python’s most significant advantage is it can help create AI-based games faster, thus saving time and money.

Python uses less code and allows programmers to create complex games from scratch.


Objective-C is used for developing game apps on the Apple iOS platform. It is one of the popular choices for building games.

It allows the development of robust and scalable games with its user-friendly syntax and dynamic typing of codes.


Many developers today are turning to this modern and powerful app development framework. It is used to develop apps for iOS. Swift is more compact and comes with an easy-to-code environment.

Game developers love Swift due to its balanced syntax and structure and interoperability with Objective-C code. It allows creating cutting-edge mobile games that are fast, memory safe, and a lot more attractive.

These are just a few programming languages that a game developer should equip with. In addition to these, the developer should also have knowledge of Clipper, ActionScript, Squirrel, and HTML 5.

2. Knowledge of Different Game Genres

Knowledge of game genre

Having knowledge of different game genres gives developers an added advantage. Popular 2D and 3D Unity games are transforming gameplay.

Players exhibit their actions and reactions based on the genres. A multitude of genres and subgenres are being used by game developers to design the theme. These include:

  • Role-playing games (RPGs)
  • Simulation
  • Chance
  • Puzzles
  • Strategy and many more

It’s important that the game developer should know different genres. It can help them analyze if a particular game fits into multiple genres or an established theme. The developer needs to break down the sub-genres to create interactive experiences.

3. Team Player

Game development is not only about the right tools, ideas, or execution. It is also about picking the right talent that complements the skill sets of other team members.

A game development team involves various skill sets and expertise. It’s a shared version of everyone who works towards that goal.

Each player within the team differs in perspectives, work styles, etc. It’s essential to check the team size, structure, and understand the vision of the team of experts.

There should be healthy collaboration within the team. The team members should work on the roles as defined and duly follow their duties to accomplish the project goals.

4. Passion for Games

Is the developer passionate enough about game development? Desire, ability to perform, completion within deadlines- everything matters when it comes to successful game design.

Professional game app developers go beyond their gaming ideas to develop gaming projects. If you find such genuine commitment and experience that portrays real knowledge and care of what works and what not on the app store, you are lucky!

5. Creative Mindset

If your gaming app lacks creativity and fun, the overall gaming experience is lost. Freedom is limitless when it comes to developing a game app that gets the audience gaga over it.

Any team members that you plan to hire should be capable enough to spark that maturity and creativity. The game’s success is measured only when it keeps players completely immersed until the end.

Graphics, art, sound, programming, interactivity, and writing- each skill counts to create games that players enjoy. Ensure that the technical abilities balance the creative side to make games exciting and run well.

6. Continuous Support

Bugs, poor UI design, frequent crashes – you know how frustrating it gets for players. Such an experience can break the game app completely. You can’t expect an application with zero bugs. Sometimes, even players could discover new bugs while playing.

Therefore, the game app developer should be able to provide you with support as and when required. The goal of a developer is to provide the best in-app experience while reducing bugs and maintenance costs.

A bug-free game delivers a smooth experience and keeps players engaged for longer. An app with an elegant UI design can stand out in the crowd.

Game App Developers: The Real Heroes

According to a 2023 report, 7 out of 10 apps downloaded from the Google Play store are the highest revenue-making games.

But, as lucrative as it may seem, developing a game app is not a cakewalk. It takes a detailed strategy, meticulous planning, continuous updates, and experienced developers to create a successful game app.

Game app developers should try out new concepts like AR/ VR, and animation to create unforgettable journeys. And he/she should be able to quickly adapt to technological advancements.

What worked in mobile game development a couple of years ago is vastly different now. Whether it is Android or iOS game development, only the right creative talent can build an immersive gaming framework.

Skills Needed by Game App Developers

The ever-increasing hunger for games pronounces the need for hiring the best-talented designers. But what are the skills that characterize the best game developers?

Game development skills

Let’s check out.

1. User Interface Design

Today, UX designers account for 25% of open gaming roles. One of the vital game development skills is UI design.

Rich user interfaces have a great impact on the overall gaming experience. The game app developers must be familiar with different design aspects of games, UI development, UX, and more.

2. Agile and Lean Methodologies

If you find agile development listed in developers’ skills, this can pay off big later. With agile development methods, developers can resolve problems faster and deliver the highest business value.

Therefore, make sure your development team has experience developing apps with agile and lean methodologies.

3. Security Management

Data security is important when it comes to games. Current gaming trends demand cybersecurity coding for gaming applications for game app developers.

Hence, competency in risk management is indispensable for game app developers.

4. Cross-Platform Development Skills

You don’t want your game app to be restricted to a single platform only. As you scale up, you might want to provide your game for mobile, tablet as well as laptop/desktop users.

For any game app developer, knowledge of cross-platform development engines is crucial. Whether iOS, Android, or Windows, developers should be versatile enough to build applications across different platforms.

Cost to Develop a Successful Game App

No matter how big or small the project is, it’s always wise to draft a budget for your app development project. When hiring a skilled game app developer, the first consideration that comes to mind is the budget.

There are myriad factors that influence the game app development cost. It depends on the operating platforms, pre-development expenses, complexity of the game (simple, mid-level, or high level), story, complexity, and so on.

Check out more about game app development costs in this blog. You can also try our project cost calculator tool to get the ballpark estimates.

Build A Successful Mobile Game App With Imaginovation

Developing a game needs unique skills. We, at Imaginovation, can help you turn your ideas into a digital reality. We are an award-winning mobile app development company with vast experience in developing games in different genres.

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