E-commerce’s explosive growth will continue heating up the competition, as different e-stores will vie with each other to woo more customers. If you want to jump onto the e-commerce bandwagon or improve conversions, you have to do it in a smart way and save your business from being left high and dry in a highly competitive e-commerce space.

Here are 5 interesting tips that will help your e-commerce website trigger more conversions:

  1. Add Mobility To your E-commerce Site

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E-commerce is a phenomena and mobile commerce is its new face. If you are planning to stick around with the desktop version of your eCommerce website, think again. Take a hard look at the m-commerce statistics provided by Gartner; they will make you rethink your strategy.

• Mobile payments will increase from $141.1 million (2011) to $349.4 million by 2015, worldwide with Asia-Pacific being the largest driver of growth. The North American segment will explode in 2015 when mobile search will overtake desktop search.
• Short Message Service (SMS texts) based mobile transactions will soar to $216.6 billion from $50.2 billion in 2011.
• Most of the mobile payments will be used for money transfer and merchandise purchases.

If you do not have a mobile version of your website yet, get one that offers a great user experience on all the mobile, hand-held devices.

Do not overlook the following recommendations because they will hasten conversions:

• Enhance your mobile interface and provide visitors easy navigation to collect information needed to make buying decisions.
• Identify customer experience obstacles that prevent mobile users to complete the transaction. Resolve them so that subsequent users do not face the same problem.
• Frustrated mobile users call up the customer service after a failed transaction. So have your call center ready to pick up the ball from there.

It all boils down to providing a good user experience that attracts useful traffic that really converts.

  1. Get Local to Ramp up International Sales

If you want your Ecommerce store to go global, you should go local. Create content in multiple international languages and make your website speak the language of locals in the targeted countries. Go the extra mile and spend more on coding and integrate multi-currency feature that makes it easier for customers to know price of product at a glance rather than taking the trouble of using a currency convertor.

Localized user content wins consumer confidence and drives home more fruitful conversions than e-stores with content in a language that sounds foreign to the local users. A website that speaks more languages easily multiplies its sales because its products and services are better understood by a large, multi-lingual global audience.

  1. Add more reviews for more useful content and traffic

Good user reviews and product testimonials drive more traffic to an eCommerce website. 55 % of online shoppers say that reviews are very important because they influence their purchase decisions. So, dedicate a hot-spot area of your website to the review badges and widgets that reflect present customer ratings. Place them on the landing page or home page, where a maximum number of your visitors can see them and be impressed by their positive recommendations. Word-of-mouth recommendations will drive more traffic through your conversion funnel.

Also, do not ignore these statistics about the impact that online reviews have on the shoppers’ behavior:

• 71 percent of customers agree that online consumer reviews make them more comfortable that they’re buying the right product or service. (Source)
• 70 percent of people go through reviews and ratings before making a purchase. (Source)
• 63 percent of people are influenced by positive reviews on a particular product and are likely to buy it. (Source)
• Positive customer reviews increase product conversion rate by an astonishing 74 percent. (Source)

Reviews also mean unique content and you get that regularly. Since it is not possible to upload new content for the same products, reviews are a boon to your content marketing cause. The good reviews also get shared and attract more traffic. Since reviews keep on piling up, there is no end to them; In such cases, Google will always value your e-store and reward it with higher ranking.

  1. Enable Free and Faster Shipping

A shipping gateway is a vital area of your eCommerce website. It is where buying decision fructifies into a real conversion. So, if something is wrong there, it is a bane for conversions. According to one survey, unexpected shipping cost emerged as one the biggest reasons why consumers abandon shopping carts.

A quarter of consumers said they are willing to make additional purchases if they were offered free shipping.

Customers now expect faster shipping too. So, if your competitor does that faster than you, then how can you expect to get more conversions? The importance of speedy delivery (free too) will continue to grow throughout 2015. Expedited delivery is no longer the luxury it once was, but today’s necessity. So you will need to offer great offers, with free shipping and a faster turnaround.

  1. Embed more personalization

Visitors on your website are not mere stats but real people who need something your store promises to provide. So offer a personalized customer experience to your visitors, as they would get in a real brick and mortar store. Features like live chat (live video chat if possible), visitor poll, feedbacks, video presentations provide a way to personify your store and bond with visitors.

Use the trending analytics tools to decode the big data that shows up as figures or graphs. Identify each visitor and customize the experience accordingly.

Personalization is the bigger picture of localization. Before you get local with your international audience, do some local market analysis to know local customers’ preferences. The local market study pinpoints the interests, overall lifestyle etc. of your target market; this market intelligence can be used to provide some great deals and promotions, which are hard to ignore, especially when presented in the local language. It creates an emotional bond that fosters the spirit of brand loyalty. That is the level of personalization needed.


2015 promises to be the year when good user experience will be one of the major deciding factors of eCommerce store profitability. It will have bearing on the nature of your e-store conversions. The better your UX, the more your conversions!


Pete Peranzo

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