A good website is a fruit of labor. A lot of attention to detail and clarity of purpose go into its creation.

Websites today are expected to be reliable and load fast. They should be easy to navigate and at the same time appeal to our sense of beauty. Unprofessional websites that display a poor understanding of the needs of their target audience will only make visitors go away.

Here is an assortment of six websites from across industries that we feel do a great job of displaying their business in a creative fashion.

The emphasis throughout is on a clean and minimalistic design. And while you may not have the budget to hire expensive Web design agencies, you can certainly take inspiration from the following examples and incorporate a few useful elements into the design of your own website.

  1. Bartaile


The world of fashion has had fun with Web designing. They have taken the concept of Scandinavian minimalism to an all-new level with their almost Spartan websites that thrive on negative space.

Here’s one that makes excellent use of contrast. The main image stands out thanks to no clutter around it. Your focus is where it should be – on the model and her outfit. You can clearly see the Facebook button in the top-left, a simple but powerful call to action, and the navigation menu in the top-right, with the shopping cart next to it.

The brand sells accessories aimed at the global traveller, and their home page directly portrays that message. A slideshow of three images highlights their best or most popular product lines to give you an idea of their style. The entire look is clean, intuitive, and impressive.

If you own a business that needs to highlight its artistic creations, you might want to consider giving your best work a spotlight of its own, and this is one way to achieve that.

  1. Baileys


Anyone who can identify a Baileys bottle will be right at home on this website. Those who are discovering it still, will be drawn in by the mesmerizing contrast of colors.

This visually striking website manages to grab your attention every time. The colors here are in harmony with that of the bottle, the lesson being that your website should be an extension of your brand and its logo.

  1. Blue Stag

Blue Stag

An imaginatively designed website that conveys the essence of the brand while also making a strong business case for it.

The home page greets you with moving images of stags as one stands out among them – of course, the blue one. We are different, is the clear message here.

As you scroll down the website, you are informed of the services the agency provides in the form of three overlapping circles.

Blue Stag

Each circle is highlighted in yellow as you choose it and the background comes alive with more details. The navigation menu is on the right, laid out vertically. This website not only gives its prospective clients all the information they might need at an early stage, but also makes scrolling through it a delightful experience.

The design is playful and a testament to their creativity and professionalism. All that animation, however, might make it slow to load in places with not-so-great Internet connection. You can ignore the animation and take inspiration from the layout instead.

  1. eat + drink Denver

Eat Drink Denver

The food and drinks industry is said to have some of the best websites in the world, and here’s one shining example of it.

There are two menus on the home page, one on each side. Clicking on any of the options takes you to a colorful montage for more details.

Eat Drink Denver

But despite being so colourful, the design is not confusing. You get all the information in one place and the picture format helps explain what the business does – which may not be easy to do otherwise, considering that not many know what a “wine and cheese emporium” is all about.

Have an unconventional idea on your website? Say it with pictures.

  1. Taste Rewind

Taste Rewind

The concept is simple, the execution simpler, and the end result is pure fun. You choose three artists (from any era) and the website generates playlists for you based on your indicated taste in music, going back several decades.

The screen looks uncluttered without being boring. The background keeps refreshing with artist images to capture the interest of the visitors. The images aren’t placed there just for aesthetic purposes, however; by giving you suggestions they also help you in deciding which artists you want to listen to.

  1. Eginstill


This Dutch home designer’s website makes a statement and at the same time reflects the aesthetics they pride themselves on.

The main page shows a gorgeous but functional kitchen. Each downward scroll engages your attention and gives you the options for more information in a non-intrusive fashion. They have made very good use of the white space by laying it out with nicely spaced text that reflects their philosophy in business.


If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen, you’d know what to expect from this designer by taking just one look at their website.

In Conclusion

There are many technical aspects to what makes a website good and business-friendly. The spacing has to be right, the font has be attractive, the layout needs to be user-friendly, the information has to be easily accessible, and all of this has to load in less than three seconds.

For your average visitor, however, a “good” website is the sum total of all of the above. It’s about the overall experience. Clean websites that convey more with less have been the trend for some time now. There are numerous inspiring websites out there. If there’s any that has impressed you or has affected the approach you’ve taken towards your own website, please let us know in the comments below.


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