While anyone can start a blog, not everyone can create content that people would want to read. In order to improve your website’s search ranking, you need your readers to keep coming back for more. This, however, is not an easy goal to achieve. You need to put effort into the blog to create an impact on the readers. The design and the content should be compelling, and so should everything else in between.

How to create an effective blog

A successful blog never happens by accident. You need to follow certain guidelines for it. One of the most important aspects would be the message you want to pass along and how you intend to put it across.

People will only return to the blog if your message resonates with them. You should, therefore, pick specific topics and use a compelling writing style. To encourage interaction, keep your posts personal. Your blog will also attract other bloggers, and if they like what they read, they might link to your blog from theirs and direct some traffic your way.

People are usually interested in reading posts that are honest and genuine. As such, select topics you are passionate about so that you are able to bring a unique perspective to them. This will go a long way in holding the interest of your readers.

Elements of a blog that impact its Google visibility

There are certain elements that play an important role in impacting the visibility of your blog on Google. For example, the home page. It is also known as the landing page and welcomes readers to the blog. Make sure that it has all the information and tools needed to draw readers in and make them stay. The page should be easy to understand and navigable.

The ‘About Us’ page should be made to shine. Use it to highlight who you are — your achievements, your expertise, your interests, your dreams, etc. But also ensure that the blog is SEO-friendly. It should highlight your experience, link to other blogs/websites, and contain useful contact information, among other things.

Create unique, not just SEO-friendly content

In order to generate more traffic, you need to create unique content. The following tips can help you with it.

Keep your posts personal: As a blogger, your posts should draw from your experience, personal or professional. Most bloggers don’t get the results they want because they only copy ideas from others. People are not interested in reading the same thing over and over again. By sharing your own experiences, you give them something unique and worth looking forward to.

Develop an independent style: Bloggers tend to generate ideas from popular posts and trending topics. While this will help in the short-term, the finished product may lack originality. By all means borrow from what’s trending, but make sure you have something new to bring to the table. By maintaining an independent way of thinking, you stand a better chance of delivering content that captures the imagination of your readers.

Keep an open mind while writing. This way, you will be able to come up with fresh and new ideas worth sharing with your readers.

In Conclusion

The suggestions here will help you create interesting content based on your experience (no stuffing it with keywords to trick Google’s search algorithm), and you will build a readership that truly enjoys the blog. They will keep coming back and also recommend it to others. And the bigger your readership, the greater your online credibility, and therefore a better ranking on Google. How’s that for good SEO?


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