If This Then That is an automation service that allows users creative control over their apps and tools. With IFTTT, your imagination is your friend. It works with 297+ services in all, including platforms that we use daily – Evernote, Instagram, Spotify, Blogger, and LinkedIn, to name a few. It works with home automation as well as a range of fitness wearables. You can find the full list of apps that IFTTT works with here.

The purpose is to make our daily tasks easier to execute. By automating where we can, we save time and energy and improve our productivity.

You can even use IFTTT for growth hacking purposes. Here are just a few recipes you can use to jumpstart your Twitter following.

Auto add new followers

If your business is struggling to gain followers, set up recipes that auto add those who mention your account, as well as auto follow back those who have followed you.

Build a list using hashtags

We use this to make multiple lists and it seems to be the most successful recipe as far as generating engagement and follows.

Build a list of favorites

Want to keep a track of all the tweets favorited by your account? Whoever is managing your Twitter will find this very useful. No more time wasted scrolling down manually to find that awesome tweet you favorited but can’t quite locate any more!

Auto tweet articles from your favorite blog’s RSS feed

Instead of having to individually tweet out articles that you like, you can do so via the RSS feed. It’s quick and as a result you are able to tweet out many.

Thank new followers

For businesses that are growing, thanking new followers is a desirable practice. But doing so each time you get a new follower can become time-consuming. Set up a recipe to auto thank new followers and save a ton of time.

Integrate cross-platform posting

You can post images from Tumblr to Twitter, cross-post tweets to LinkedIn (especially recommended for B2B businesses) and automatically post your tweets and retweets to Facebook as well.

Schedule tweets with Google Calendar

If you don’t want to spend money on a social media scheduling tool such as Hootsuite, you can set your posts up to appear at predesignated times with the help of Google Calendar.

This is convenient for those looking to meet their daily posting limit and drive engagement on their Twitter accounts but without wanting to spend on software to do so.

Auto-share blog updates to Twitter

For businesses that don’t have a social media management team in place and rely on themselves to tweet, like, and share, this is a huge help. Each time you update your blog, it gets shared on Twitter. Fast and convenient. Recipes are available for both Blogger and WordPress. You can also auto tweet videos you upload on YouTube.

Archive tweets to Dropbox, Evernote, OneNote, or save them to Google spreadsheets

Back up all your tweets to the cloud. You can also arrange them within the Google spreadsheet with hashtags for easier recovery. Helpful if you intend to revisit certain conversations for later reference. Tweets get buried easily in the feeds of fast-moving pages. This recipe can aid with new business contacts as well as customer grievance redressal. Or it can just be instructive to go back and learn from how you addressed a certain situation as well as refresh your mind with everything you posted to inform your strategy going forward.

Update the location in your bio

This can be of help to those who are constantly on the move and as a result are not able to respond to tweets immediately. Your followers will know where you are and might keep the time difference in mind when expecting a response.

You can also update your Twitter bio as you do your Facebook bio to further save time and keep followers on both platforms in the know. This is especially helpful if you travel a lot and want to keep followers apprised of your location.

If this then a whole lot more

With the help of these recipes you can substantially increase the frequency of your tweets as well as build lists and databases as you go along. It’s important to keep in mind that these recipes only meant to supplement your Twitter strategy, not replace it. Personal engagement and solid content is still required for a successful Twitter campaign. Taken together this presents a tremendous opportunity to engage users on a large scale and make sure your content is shared when it’s fresh to drive maximum amount of traffic to your website/blog. You will attract more followers and improve your standing with current ones.

You can create any number of recipes to help you with specific tasks if the existing ones are inadequate for your purpose. What are some of your favorite IFTTT recipes for Twitter? How have they helped you? Please comment and share your hacks!


Pete Peranzo

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