Are you struggling to figure out how to tap into what’s hot while it’s trending instead of after the fact?

It can seem like the ways of news and information are mysterious, that you’d need have some mystical powers in order to figure out what kinds of things you need to be writing about in order to stay on trend.
Creating content around trending topics can boost the visibility of your content. Of course, some trending topics cannot be predicted, but if you take a look at your calendar, you can make a few predictions at what may be trending soon and you don’t even need a crystal ball.


The Tony Awards – June 12

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Hamilton is the hot ticket on Broadway this year. Tap into the incredible power of the sold out musical that has taken the Great White Way by storm, or look to offer some information on some of the other hot shows this year. Did you know that there’s a musical based on American Psycho?

Social Media Day – June 30**th**

Who doesn’t love social media? Take this day to step out and celebrate all the digital platforms that brings so many people together. Why not reward your loyal followers with a giveaway or create your own Social Media Day event?


Independence Day – July 4th

The birthday of the United States is a big deal and offers the chance to create content that revolves around a wide variety of topics, from the history of the U.S. to celebrating the independence you experience by becoming an entrepreneur.

Republican National Convention – July 18th & Democratic National Convention – July 25th

These two events will be some of the huge stories of the summer, and there’s no way to imagine July without them this year. You don’t have to dig into partisan politics in order to tap into this trending topic, as there are relevant ways to connect through all kinds of issues. For example, we published blog posts about the social media presence of the candidates and what we can learn about personal branding from politicians.


The Summer Olympics – August 3rd thru 21st

One of the biggest stories of August will be the Summer Olympics in Rio. The games will feature not only the athletes, but the buzz around the Zika virus and the crumbling infrastructure and challenges faced by the city of Rio in hosting the games. How will this affect the marketing end of the event and shape an outsider’s impression of Rio?

Women’s Equality Day – August 26th

This day offers a great opportunity for websites to celebrate women and to target female customers. There’s also a wonderful opportunity here to reach out to women through content that’s specifically targeted to them and that celebrates the contributions they make.

Burning Man – August 28th thru September 5th

In the middle of the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, thousands of people on the outskirts of society come together for Burning Man. This festival is a huge trending topic every year and only gets bigger as the hype struggles to keep up.


Back to School – early September

It seems as though back to school creeps earlier and earlier each year, and in many places this really might bleed back into August. However there’s no doubt that everything about back to school, from shopping to psychology, offers fertile ground for rich content.

Grandparents Day – 1st Sunday in September

This year Grandparent’s Day falls on Remembrance Day (9/11). However it’s a perfect opportunity to create content that is either aimed at grandparents or that helps others to celebrate them. As baby boomers take on a bigger role in the online world and as they become grandparents, this day becomes an important topic online.

The Paralympic Games – September 7th thru 18th

Thought the Olympics will get most of the glory, the Paralympic Games are still sure to be a trending topic in September. This huge event takes place in Rio in the same venues that are used for the Olympic Games, but feature amazing athletes with physical handicaps.

International Podcast Day – September 30th

International Podcast Day is a perfect way to connect varied kinds of content. Be it in house content that you want to promote or wider content that you want to connect to, expect to see buzz about the spoken word on the web.


The World Series

The World Series offers an incredible amount of buzz and excitement every year. There are lots of opportunities to tap into some amazing content that relates to people’s love and loathing of America’s pastime.

Halloween – October 31st

No matter what else is going on in the world, Halloween will be a big deal for everyone. Go spooky or go fun, but definitely tap into the trending that will be going on about this favorite holiday.


Daylight Savings Time Ends – November 6th

Turning those clocks back an hour is always a big deal online, with memes and comments all over the net. Why not take advantage of the buzz?

Election Day – November 8th

The next leader of the free world will be chosen on November 8th and the buildup of this long election cycle will finally come to a head. This topic will likely be the dominant force in a wide variety of media and of course online for weeks leading up.

Small Business Saturday – November 26th

Black Friday is the day that gets the most buzz, but Small Business Saturday is hot on its heels. This topic has been trending higher and higher each year as the Black Friday sales spill into Thanksgiving Day, and is of course a great way for small businesses online to promote themselves and what they stand for.

Moving forward with this list, you’ll be able to see clearly some of the things that we already know will be trending in the next six months. Look ahead for other topics that are specifically relevant to your readers and to your community in the next few months and see if you can spot what will be trending – and you don’t even need to check in with your local palm reader.


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