The web isn’t what it used to be and just having a website isn’t enough for your business to reach its goals.

Companies like Amazon, Google and Facebook changed the way we discover and consume products and services.

That’s easy to see and easy to say, but what are the concrete ways that you need to change your working model in order to break free from the old ways of doing things? Here are some simple ways to take your online presence to the next level, allowing you to reach out to a wider customer base and find the kind of success that you had before thought impossible.

Make purchases easy with e-commerce plug-ins

Ease of purchase is of utmost importance. No matter what your product or service is, no matter how appealing it is to the people you’re selling to, you’re not going to find any success with it if there are hiccups in the buying process.

E-commerce plugins offer the best shopping experience for your customers in a way that’s easy for you to manage. Shopify, Woocommerce, Marketpress, Easy Digital Downloads, etc., are all WordPress ecommerce plugins that will make the buying experience work for your customers. Simple to install and easy to maintain, e-commerce plugins give you exactly what you need to keep track of everything from the back end, while also allowing your customers to have a seamless experience from the front end.

A beautiful shopping cart, features for both digital and physical purchases, integration with credible payment gateways and advanced user capabilities like making a profile, saving a cart and creating a wish list, all contribute to the success of your online user experience. Buyers online today are incredibly sophisticated about online shopping, 8 in 10 Americans shop online today, according to Pew Research. That’s a massive shift from just five years ago. Consumers want to be online, and they want to have an easy process to buy their goods and services. An e-commerce plugin can offer your visitors an easy, straightforward experience that will keep them coming back.

Be in your customer’s pocket with mobile apps

That same Pew Research study showed that more than 50 percent of buyers purchase goods and services from their mobile devices. Developing a mobile app allows your business to reach a whole new level of clientele, giving your customers a convenient way to learn about your products and purchase them.

We all walk around with computers in our hands today and while there is the capability on smartphones for us to go online to a website, that’s just not enough in 2017. Even mobile optimized websites don’t offer nearly the level of ease of use that a mobile application does. Not only that, mobile apps are more anchored to your customer base as they are right there on those devices. When a customer downloads your mobile app, they’re invested in your business in a way that just doesn’t happen when they visit your website.

In today’s world of mobile app development it’s easier than ever to create a compelling and easy to use mobile app that showcases your business and what you’ve got to offer. You can give your customers exactly what they need in the format that they need it in, right from their device.

Imagine being able to send notifications directly to your customers. Imagine your clients being able to have direct access to your products and services everywhere they go, not just when they’re in front of their computers or in a retail space. Imagine your customers having a seamless buying experience. You’re imagining a mobile app.

Be social, hang out with your customers

In 2017, a Website Isn't Enough | Imaginovation

Nearly everyone is on social media. Recent research from Pew indicates that nearly 70% of Americans are on social media. That’s a number that’s mind boggling compared to the 5% that were on these platforms just ten years ago. Social media IS where people are today. Businesses that don’t take full advantage of the ability to reach potential customers online risk being left out in the cold, or at the very least seeing sales that are far lower than they should be. The more you are on social media, the more possibility there is for you to reach an audience that you didn’t even know was there.

Social media offers a wide variety of advantages beyond advertising for business. Customer service and product research can be done right there on Facebook or Instagram. This can reduce your costs and also give your customers a more comfortable and familiar setting to work within than the traditional website format. There are so many ways that you can use social media to your advantage!

Getting the most out of social media takes time and practice. As with all good things, there is hard work and diligence that go into developing a powerful social media presence. However the payoffs are well worth it as social media offers exponential potential for growth.

Gone are the days when people gathered around the water cooler to discuss products or services, or opened up a magazine to see what was trending. Today they head over to their Twitter feed to see what’s going on in the world and to check on the latest trends. If you aren’t creating a compelling social media presence, you’re behind the times.

Online commerce is changing

The world of online buying and selling is changing dramatically thanks to new technology and morphing social interactions. If you’re still relying on the techniques that you used ten years ago, or even five years ago, you’re going to be disappointed with the results.

Take advantage of all that the online world has to offer! In 2017, you need more than just a website to do that.

Imaginovation can help your business be more than just a website. Contact us about mobile app development today!


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