When we think of a blog, we typically think of content text-based blog posts, usually around 700-800 words in length.

But while blog posts are great, and a well-written article will always find an audience, not everything you post on your blog has to be loaded with text in order to be effective.

In fact, if you have been posting the same kind of content for more than a year, introducing a bit of variety can shake things up and regain the attention of your readers.

Here are five very good reasons why you should look at other forms of content as well.

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Perhaps it’s time to move beyond the same old?

  1. Infographics Pack a Punch

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Think of them as easy-to-digest bits representing complex information.

Whether its charts, statistics, concepts, mind-maps, or even fun facts you want to present, infographics help you do so in a neat and impactful manner.

Infographics are also highly shareable. In fact, Contently considers them the “secret formula to creating shareable blog posts.” Creating an infographic, however, can take longer than writing a regular blog post. But infographics are not expected to be churned out on a daily basis. They should be used with a specific purpose in mind. If you can say it better with words, you probably do not need an infographic for it. Save them for numerical data or timelines that will only clutter a blog post and make it difficult to follow.

  1. Well-shot Videos are Fun to Watch and Help Connect with Your Followers

YouTube has been all the rage ever since it appeared on the media scene, and that is because people love videos. And while best-selling artists and movie trailers from big-name production houses still get the maximum number of views, there are numerous other kinds of videos that have also become very popular.

Being a small business, you don’t need such big numbers to attract more followers. The point here is to look at YouTube as something more than an entertainment destination, something that can actually help your business.

One doesn’t need expensive equipment to make good videos. High-quality videos can be shot with a point-and-shoot camera or even a good smartphone camera. Excellent editing tools are available for free as well. Videos can help you humanize your brand and connect with your followers.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you own, there are ways to make this format work with a bit of imagination. If you are convinced about the importance of being on social media, then please consider a presence on YouTube as well.

  1. E-books and Whitepapers Help Project You as an Authority Figure

If you have detailed information to share on a topic, it’s a fantastic idea to gather it into downloadable formats such as e-books and whitepapers.

They are a great way to display and share your expertise on a wide range of topics. If used wisely, e-books and whitepapers can help establish you as an authority in your field. They are also shareable and attract more readers/potential customers. Giving visitors free resources to download encourages them to sign up with you.

  1. Live Blogging Is Said to Attract People in Crowds

So you like attending seminars, events, conferences, and reaching out to people in general? The next time you are at a busy industry event, don’t just tweet about it. Try live blogging about the experience and you may find it brings you a whole new set of followers. You can also create detailed blog posts (or even infographics!) out of the material later. Here are some ways you can live blog effectively.

  1. You Reach out to a Bigger and More Diverse Audience

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This is perhaps the most compelling reason of all. Not everyone likes every form of content. Some love to read long articles, while others may enjoy podcasts or webinars from time to time. You want to make sure you are covering as much ground as possible with your content, and diversifying it is one way of doing this.

It is true people prefer the familiar, so introducing different forms of content on your blog in a haphazard manner might confuse your readers, especially if the blog has only been about one kind of content.

Ease them into it. Declare beforehand that you will be live blogging from a conference, or that you’re going to start making videos. If they know of the coming changes, they will likely be more accepting of them.

With time, your content will look diverse without being chaotic or confusing. Even if you target a niche audience with the blog, there are more ways than one to engage with them.

In Conclusion

As appetite for information grows, new forms of content will emerge and gain popularity. In order to stay relevant, you may have to adapt to the changing trends. Content diversification can not only keep your present followers interested, but also help you attract a newer audience. What are your thoughts on the matter? Do you feel diverse content has its advantages, or is it better to stick to one form? Leave a comment here and let us know.


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