The digital marketing industry is currently booming. A Gartner study states that 28% of marketers have reduced their traditional advertising budget in order to fund their digital marketing activities. Today, companies are encompassing various digital marketing strategies into their overall marketing strategy to promote and grow their business.

Digital marketing comprises of SEO, PPC, social media marketing, email marketing, online reputation management, analytics etc. Setting the right strategies for all these tactics will ensure you are on your way to reaping the benefits of an effective digital marketing strategy. Since managing all of them can be quite complex owing to the ever changing nature of digital marketing, marketers are bound to make mistakes.

Let’s take a look at the most crucial mistakes that can adversely impact your digital marketing efforts and ways to resolve them:

  1. Not Setting Right ‘Negative Keyword’ Strategy for PPC Ads

A well-managed PPC campaign will drive tons of qualified traffic to your website. However, if it is not handled with care, it can end up costing you more than it brings in.

One of the biggest mistakes digital marketers make with PPC ads is not adding the right negative keywords. Negative keywords are keywords that prevent your paid ads from being displayed on search engines when people search with those particular keywords.

For instance, say you have an online store for men’s footwear; your store offers casual shoes, formal shoes and even sports shoes. However, you don’t carry sandals or floaters, so you must include ‘men’s sandal’ and ‘men’s floaters’ as negative keywords. This will ensure that your ad is not displayed in Google or Bing when someone searches with these keywords.

Adding negative keywords to your PPC campaign will make sure that there are fewer click-through rates (CTR) that do not convert into sales.

  1. Not Optimizing Emails for Mobile Devices

Email marketing is considered one of the most inexpensive and effective digital marketing channels. This is the reason thousands of businesses of all sizes across the globe are leveraging this particular channel to drive traffic to their website, increase brand awareness, retain old customers and nurture new leads.

However, many digital marketers while crafting an email for their subscribers forget to optimize it for smartphones. This is a critical mistake and must be avoided at all costs, as today a large percentage of people use mobile devices to access their inbox.

It is imperative for marketers to create emails that will make an impression on mobile users by following certain email best practices like using enlarged fonts, including easy-to-click CTAs, avoiding too many images, using single-column layouts and keeping the content to the point.

It is vital for digital marketers to ensure their subscribers receive flawless mobile experience on their Android, Blackberry or iOS devices.

  1. Not Engaging with Followers on Social Channels

Do you engage with your followers?

Do you reply to their comments on your Facebook page or Twitter feed?

Social media has become an indispensable part of any company’s online marketing efforts. But it is not sufficient to have an active presence by simply posting updates regularly on these social channels. It’s important to engage in conversations with your fans and followers. This has been rightly said by Jay Baer, social media expert in one of his quotes:

“Focus on how to be social, not on how to do social”

Social marketers are thus required to engage with their followers on a daily basis by applying different tactics like replying to their comments or tweets, asking questions, requesting feedback and even conducting polls.

This also includes replying to negative comments! Social marketers must respond to negative feedback quickly and graciously as ignoring it can have an adverse impact on the brand image.

@CocoCola maintains a ‘follower-friendly’ Twitter account; an inspiration for all other businesses.

2459 Coca Cola

  1. Writing Poor Content for Your Blog

Digital marketers would have heard or read a zillion times that ‘content is king’. Internet is floating with examples of brands that have seen huge profits by setting the right strategies for content marketing; from Gary Vaynerchuk who grew his wine store sales from $4 Million to $60 Million in 5 years with a video blog to a Magnolia store that got acquired by Best Buy for $87 million.

But businesses get to see such results only if they provide their readers with quality content that is either entertaining or informative depending on the industry they are into.

A lot of visitors will get attracted towards your blog if it provides good and unique content on a regular basis. But on the other hand, if it includes poor low quality content, no visitor will ever return to your blog again.

Not just your competitors, but most businesses today leverage content marketing to boost profits and gain brand exposure. So, in order to cut through the content noise, you can’t be average, you can’t even just be good; with the amount of content out there, you have to be exceptional!

  1. Stuffing Keywords for Better Rankings

Well, this may not be affecting your digital marketing efforts currently. But, if you continue walking on this route, be prepared to get penalized by Google!

It is quite tempting for digital marketers to use various tactics that may help them rank higher on SERPs; better ranking on search engines means higher onsite traffic and ultimately more sales for the business. This is fine as long as digital marketers implement white-hat SEO tactics. However, stuffing content with keywords is a black hat tactic, which will get your site de-indexed by Google (worst case scenario).

So, for effective SEO results ensure the keyword density is less than 3% of content.


These lessons are important if you want your business to succeed digitally. Once you stop making the above mistakes, you can enjoy increased traffic, greater conversions and more profit.

Since the digital marketing field is ever-evolving, ensure your digital marketing efforts are updated on a regular basis to avoid such pitfalls.


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