The right tools will make any job easier and more successful. Mobile app development is no exception!

Smartphones are everywhere, though mobile app technology has extended far beyond the handheld and onto larger forms like tablets and even desktops. From business to school to leisure, mobile applications have become the place where people interact with their devices, the gateway to the rich knowledge that’s beyond. For business, reaching customers through mobile has become increasingly important, and that means getting mobile applications right from the outset.

Cross-platform development tools have become increasingly important for companies, who want to ensure that they’re reaching the widest possible audience. That means making sure that both Android and iOS users can get the same functionality through their mobile applications. Consistent, high quality user experience is incredibly important.

Developing clear, accessible, user friendly apps starts with using the right analytics and development services. Mobile is about more than just products.

5 Mobile App Development Tools for Beginners

  1. Appzio

One of the most versatile and easy to use app building tools on the market, Appzio allows businesses to create native applications for both Android and iOS operating systems. This technology doesn’t require any knowledge of coding, which is a major boost for businesses who don’t want to get bogged down with too many details. The features included in the Appzio development tool are registration forms, media streaming and a myriad of monetization possibilities.

The flexibility included in Appzio allows businesses to have incredible autonomy over how they want users to experience their product. Whatever kind of app it is that you need to develop, Appzio can help you to do it. With the ability for unlimited updates, a comprehensive how-to guide, and several different price plans, there’s almost no limit to the possibilities with Appzio.

  1. Appsee

Beyond app development is analytics, an area where Appsee offers a comprehensive and user friendly way to get exactly what you need to find success in app development. More than just reporting, Appsee offers functionality like touch heatmaps and user recordings to allow developers to get a real world understanding of how users are engaging with their application. Behavior is everything.

Beyond just user behavior, Appsee allows developers to more accurately understand crashes and to effectively reproduce them in order to solve problems. There’s no need to dig into log reports that are confusing and difficult to understand when you’ve got this kind of information available. Businesses can learn about conversion, retention and user experience effectively through Appsee. The tracking is right there in real time, with little impact on the performance of the application.

  1. PhoneGap

Adobe’s mobile app development tool, PhoneGap, used to go by the name Apache Cordova. There’s a reason that this mobile app development tool has long been considered one of the best available, and that’s in large part due to its impressive flexibility for developing cross platform mobile applications. This open source tool allows developers to build with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. These applications can then be launched through Android, through iOS, and through most any other platform imaginable, all without losing even one of the native features that have been built into them with such care.

There’s an additional service, PhoneGap Build, which allows developers to create apps right in the cloud, along with other cloud based services. The plugin friendly nature of the architecture gives developers ultimate control and massive autonomy in building a user friendly experience for customers. The whole service is completely free, with the exception of the cloud based service which does have a monthly fee. Overall, this development tool has become a standard for a reason, though it’s important to note that it does require a knowledge of coding.

  1. AppGeyser

If you want to just dip your toes into the app development market, then AppGeyser is a good place to start. It’s free, it requires no coding, and it’s easy to use. You’re not going to create the next great app with this one, but you will be able to get something up quickly and easily for Android only that’s based on your website or your YouTube channel. The lack of iOS support is of course a big issue, but again it’s a good starting place for developers who want to just see what they process looks like before jumping into a more complex and costly version of app development.

The company gains revenue by placing ads within the user developed applications, so it’s important to note that your app will have ads if you use this development tool. There’s no monetization functionality to the developer, nor is there any inbuilt distribution functionality. AppGeyser is still a good choice for beginners who are just starting out in mobile app development.

  1. Mobilesmith

Organizations that need a top of the line, cross platform development tool will find exactly what they’re looking for with Mobilesmith. No coding is required for development with this platform, and businesses can feel confident that the end result will be not only polished but also user friendly. This company is the top provider of mobile application development for hospitals in the country, and has pioneered the mobile technology for this industry. Mobilesmith’s apps are award winning, utilizing the most innovative and effective methods in the industry.

What makes Mobilesmith different is that it works first with the end user in mind. With applications that work for both end users and for employees, Mobilesmith works hard to bring technology to the places where it’s most needed and most effective. The truly useful nature of this app developer allows businesses to move forward in meaningful ways with mobile technology. The end results are both beautiful and incredibly functional.

Mobile app development is the future of the web as well as the future of business. More and more users are getting onboard with mobile technology. While these development apps serve as a great starting point, nothing beats having a creative, experienced mobile application development team creates your app. Are you ready for the mobile revolution? Contact us!


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