Podcasts and busy people go together. Entrepreneurs are among the busiest and the reason podcasts work for them is that it’s easy to incorporate them into your day. You can listen to podcasts while fixing your morning coffee or during your commute. In order to maximize your time and to forward your business, you need the best and latest business information because you don’t have time to waste listening to anything that’s not helpful or relevant.

These five podcasts for entrepreneurs will inspire you with real world answers and advice for entrepreneurs of all kinds.

The Foundation


If you’re starting your business from the ground up, then The Foundation is a must listen. Even if you’ve been at it for a while, you’ll find a ton of inspiration and motivation right here. There are dozens of useful podcasts to be found here, all of which are chock full of information. More than just numbers, The Foundation is home to advice and guidance.

There are some seriously hard truths revealed on The Foundation, truths that will likely have you rethinking the direction of your business and perhaps even questioning your decisions. That’s a good thing. Successful entrepreneurs are willing to be shaken up and are always ready to make changes. You might not like everything that you hear on the Foundation, but tune into the podcasts that sound as though they will most challenge you, because those will facilitate the most growth.

What you’ll find most on The Foundation are pieces that motivate and teach you how to solve common problems that entrepreneurs face – from combating procrastination to effective goal setting. Think of The Foundation as your personal life coach, keeping you on track and pushing you higher.

TWiT – This Week in Tech


Technology moves at lightning speed. TWiT not only keeps you up to date on what’s new and changing in the tech world, it’s much more than that. TWiT gives you a unique, insider’s insight into tech trends that matter to businesses. It’s well organized to help you get straight to the most useful information. TWiT has a serious archive that will propel you to forward in understanding, whether you’re a novice or an expert.

With more than a decade online, the TWiT archive of podcasts is among the richest on the net. There are reviews and tutorials for just about every kind of tech imaginable, from home theaters to apps to ham radios. In fact the biggest issue with TWiT is that it’s easy to get lost in the sea of information – binge podcast listening is a real danger here!

Be sure to check out the TWiT apps, which will help you to access their thirty hours of fresh weekly content seamlessly. The other thing you don’t want to miss is the schedule of live broadcasts, which are plentiful. If you’re unsure of where to begin, try dipping your toe in with “This Week in Tech,” a weekly podcast that will give you the most up to date guidance in the world of tech.



Ready to get energized and inspired? Tune into Ask Gary Vee for just that. Gary tackles questions from entrepreneurs about anything and everything, offering answers that you can apply to your business and to your life.

Gary Vaynerchuk is a business savant who shares his wisdom freely and with humor and heart. He’s been profiled in top publications like the New York Times, Fortune and Crain. He’s built his own multi-million dollar businesses from the ground up, in addition to consulting for massively successful clients. Gary takes that top level business expertise and distills it into a format that’s easy to understand and accessible.

You’ll find his podcasts to be refreshing and engaging thanks in part to the format. Gary fields questions from Twitter and Instagram, which have been vetted by his team but which he answers live without prior knowledge. That kind of organic, spontaneous sharing of knowledge is incredibly valuable.

Social Toolkit


Need marketing tips that are short and to the point, keeping you up to date on all things relevant to social media? Social Toolkit offers you exactly that. Produced by Social Fresh, a company that specializes in social media training and innovation for all types of businesses, Social Toolkit is precisely the kind of podcast that entrepreneurs need. The information that you’ll find here is rooted in years of experience but coupled with the latest angles in the ever changing world of social media.

All kinds of business can find useful information with the Social Toolkit. You’ll learn the basics of promoting your business on the web through a wide variety of sources, from blogging tips to brand integration. There is so much to explore! Fluff free and on point, this podcast is well worth your time as it gives you actionable advice that you can implement today.

The Pitch


In order to get investors to listen up and be willing to hand over that precious capital, you need a remarkable pitch. Communicating your vision as well as your competency as an entrepreneur is no simple task, in fact it’s often not the idea that gets people excited but rather the skillful sharing of that idea. The Pitch offers unique insights in how to develop your business so you can effectively pitch investors.

With each episode, the guys at The Pitch walk you step by step through the pitch process, sharing modifications and improvements that will take your pitch to the next level. The most useful podcasts are those that actually model the pitching process, using real companies that are in the process themselves. That kind of direct modeling is perfect for entrepreneurs who are new to this. Whatever you think you might know about conveying your ideas, you’ll be shaken up and enlivened after listening to a few episodes of The Pitch.

Incorporating these podcasts into your day will not only give you the kind of in depth knowledge that you need, but more importantly they will boost your courage and grit when it comes to running your own business. Being an entrepreneur isn’t for the faint of heart, but it is easier when you’ve got experts in your corner.

Do you listen to these podcasts or did we leave out your favorite? Which episodes have you found most helpful? Let us know in the comments!


Pete Peranzo

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