In the sea of hundreds, maybe even thousands of tech blogs out there in cyberspace does local really matter? Local does matter. Even though there’s a sense that tech news transcends geography, the truth is that technology isn’t everywhere. Following local Raleigh technology blogs will allow you to know what’s going on here in terms of technology that’s available, innovations that are coming out of the Triangle and how the locals are using tech in amazing new ways.

Oak City Technology

If you’re looking for a real local, really embedded source of technology information in the Triangle, then you’ve come to the right place with Oak City Technology. With new pieces every week, you’ll find plenty enriching your understanding of what’s new in online marketing, technology, web design, local tech events and more. This blog is well organized and beautifully written, not to mention chock full of truly useful information.

Take particular note of the Case Study series on Oak City’s blog, which highlights how specific website solutions have been implemented in real world scenarios. This blog is all about how technology works in order to forward businesses and it’s well worth checking out. It’s great to see a blog on tech that’s got broad interests and lots of solidly researched information. Absolutely worth browsing, even the older pieces.

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WRAL Techwire

Techwire is a Raleigh tech blog that’s driven by the news. It’s updated daily, often multiple times daily, and it provides readers with a constant stream of information about what’s going on in technology and business. The best thing about WRAL Techwire is that you get information on what’s going down right here in the Triangle, from changes in management at top North Carolina technology companies like IBM and Lenovo to details about smaller companies that are big players in the area. All of this is of course backed by the knowledge that comes from the staff at the WRAL news organization. Techwire goes deeper than the news stories you’ll see on air, giving those in the technology community the chance to dig deeper into the stories that matter to them.

The Triangle is a hotbed of technological innovation, and keeping up with the news that matters about technology here is important. WRAL Techwire will help you to sift through the stuff that doesn’t matter as much in our local Raleigh technology market and allows you to tap into potential opportunities. The people in the know locally a reading this blog, and you should be too.

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New Technology Meetups in Raleigh

This one isn’t technically a blog, but it is a catalog of constantly updated and relevant tech events for locals in the Raleigh area. There are hundreds of people connecting on Meetup, and this page offers plenty of chances to connect with them. There are people out there for literally any topic you can think of that’s related to technology, and likely plenty of topics you’ve never thought of.

From coding to philanthropy to women’s only groups – find something that fits your local technology needs right here on the Raleigh tech Meetup page. There’s always something new to learn and grow with through in person interaction, and that’s exactly what the New Technology Meetup section facilitates.

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North Carolina Technology Association Blog

Who knew that a Tumblr blog could be this insightful? The NCTA blog is a treasure trove of current information for locals in Raleigh who need to stay on top of technology. The Spotlight series highlights the movers and shakers in the technology community who are doing amazing things. Through these pieces, you’ll find out that there are lots of tech giants living right here in the Old North State that you never knew about.

The NCTA sponsors all sorts of local events that revolve around technology. The North Carolina Technology Association is more than twenty years old and focuses on forwarding technology in the area. It’s a great organization, with a blog that’s an absolute MUST READ for Raleigh locals. Consider getting involved in the local organization as well if you want to contribute to making a positive difference through technology in the Raleigh area.

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The Raleigh Chamber of Commerce Technology Category

One of the great things about the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce blog is that you can drill down to just the technology category easily. These pieces are relevant to locals who have an interest in technology, but also give insider information about business. Surf on out to the wider Raleigh Chamber of Commerce to find out more about what’s going on in business in the area.

There are some unique spins on what’s going on in technology here, especially when trying to puzzle technology into the wider local culture. Look for stories on how tech is being used in the public sector and by private companies.

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Triangle Business Journal

This subset of BizJournals is admittedly more generalized than the others on the list, but the information contained within these stories is still relevant for you if you’ve got business interests in the Raleigh area. You’ll find some fantastic content on marketing, finance, consumer strategies, even style and networking. The bottom line is that if you’re in tech, you’re in the business world. Triangle Business Journal is a great aggregate blog that’s filled with new stories to check out multiple times each day.

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Whether you run a local technology company, work in tech, or are just interested in what’s coming next for innovation in the Raleigh area, these blogs can help you to broaden your knowledge. Regularly reading Raleigh technology blogs keeps you informed and on top of what’s going on so that you can do more with Raleigh tech.


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