Social media is a true asset for businesses, but not all social networks are created equal. Each has its own strengths and some are better suited to the nature of modern-day marketing.

LinkedIn is the perfect network for B2B marketers. If you aren’t tapping into its potential, you’re missing out. Here are five reason why you should focus on LinkedIn in 2016:

LinkedIn is a lead generation tool

According to a HubSpot survey, LinkedIn produces the highest visitor to lead conversion rate among social networks.

Consider this:

“In a recent study of over 5,000 businesses, HubSpot found that traffic from LinkedIn generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74%, almost 3 times higher (277%) than both Twitter (.69%) and Facebook (.77%).”

Those are stunning numbers, which is why you should see the potential of this social network if you haven’t yet. Indeed, marketers and salespeople across the world use LinkedIn as a jumping off point for leads.

LinkedIn has a sophisticated and ready audience

The reason LinkedIn is so efficient at lead generation is that it contains a sophisticated audience that uses the network with a purpose. People rarely log into LinkedIn to waste time or watch funny videos. Its main users are professionals looking for their next big opportunity. This makes it a goldmine for B2B purposes.

With a little bit of research small businesses can find just the kind of people they want to sell to, down to their job description.

Your content creation will also become more focused as you find (and learn) about a specific audience.

Your research will be more fruitful

Case studies and research material are extremely helpful to professionals. While content gets shared on all networks, business research and/or in-depth reports on industry trends are more likely to shine on LinkedIn than they are on other networks.

These are also more likely to elicit informed and animated discussions.

This serves a two-fold purpose for businesses:

  • You receive excellent information on this platform.
  • You find a ready audience for your own research-backed content.

This is an ideal platform to share your latest whitepaper, which may not receive much attention on Facebook or other social platforms.

In fact, if you understand your target market well and create content to cater to their needs, there is every chance you will find a more relevant audience here than anywhere else, particularly when it comes to numbers and raw data.

Industry discussions enhance your visibility and credibility

LinkedIn is full of discussions among professionals and an endless number of industry-specific groups. A passionate business owner can make an impact if he or she is willing to share their time and expertise. It grants you visibility, establishes your credibility and ultimately helps with brand awareness.

You also gather first-rate intelligence from joining groups. This will help you establish yourself as a reliable figure.

Remember, people only buy from businesses that inspire trust in them. Marketing in this day and age is about impressing your potential customers with expertise. You cannot engage in hard selling anymore. We live in a knowledge-oriented world and LinkedIn is the most knowledge-oriented network of them all.

As you engage in more conversations, your network will grow, and so will the number of people who reach out to you. These are very likely going to be those with business propositions.

LinkedIn’s publishing platform expands your reach

Participating regularly in LinkedIn discussions lends you authority. However, if you make use of their publishing platform called Pulse, dedicated to long-form articles written with a specific focus, your visibility and reach will increase. These articles can be as long as you want them, and will be published not just to those in your network, but also publicly. Your connections will also be notified whenever the articles are published. You can also add relevant tags to the article in order to make them searchable.

These long-form articles require the writer to exhibit a detailed understanding of the topic undertaken, which makes Pulse an excellent platform to showcase your expertise. Since this platform is open to all users, you do not need to be an Influencer or a “business thought leader” in order to use it effectively. You do, however, need to possess certain amount of writing skills to get your thoughts across in a coherent manner.

Small business owners should make use of this platform to establish themselves in their niches. Successful digital marketing builds on trust and is propelled forward by thought leadership. The hours you spend polishing articles for LinkedIn Pulse will reap rich rewards for you.

If you have been indifferent to LinkedIn so far, turn that around. Make 2016 the year of LinkedIn!

How do you use LinkedIn? Do you have any recommendations to share? Leave a comment and let me know!


Pete Peranzo

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