Online marketing is confusing for new businesses. It’s as simple as that. To add to that, there is a plethora of information online and it’s difficult to know whose advice to follow.

These are not easy questions to answer because online marketing is not an exact science. There is a lot of trial and error and the space is driven by fast-evolving technology.

This makes it all the more important for small businesses to be aware of related developments because if you are not, your trusted strategy could be rendered useless overnight and you wouldn’t even know about it!

Here’s a list of quality, trusted and respected blogs that we highly recommend you follow. These will tell you all that is happening in the world of digital marketing, and how it could affect your business.


This is a full-fledged analytics platform aimed at providing businesses with insights into their audiences, so that they are able to better target and reach them.

The reason why this finds a mention here is their blog. They are simply at the top of their game. There is nothing they do not cover on the topic; if it’s about digital marketing, it will find a mention here.

The Kissmetrics blog is respected throughout the industry and free to read for whoever wants to keep themselves abreast of what is happening in this niche.

They have a number of high-quality guest bloggers as well who bring various perspectives to all aspects of marketing. They also, invariably, cover trends and dive into how these can affect (or not) your business.

Recommended reads:

Search Engine Journal

You probably know by now what Google does has a considerable influence on a website’s performance.

One cannot emphasize enough the need for business owners to be aware of what is up with Google and all the numerous changes and tweaks it keeps making to its search algorithm to better serve its users.

An ignorance in this regard can prove costly, as many businesses found out during the Hummingbird and Panda updates which saw a number of websites penalized for something they had been doing for a long time but which Google outlawed (almost!) overnight.

Google keeps changing the rules of the game and businesses need to be aware of these changes. Search Engine Journal is of great help here. They have a vibrant community of knowledgeable participants and attract excellent guest bloggers from all over the world, who share their experience and expertise generously.

Following this blog alone will tell you all that is happening in the world of SEO and social media and more importantly how it can impact your website’s performance.

Recommended reads:

Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch is a great resource. New to search engine marketing and all the acronyms are making you dizzy? Did you know there are more search engines than just Google, Yahoo! and Bing, and yes, they are being used, too?

This is a quality community to become a part of in order to learn the latest on search engine marketing. Not only that, they have a number of in-depth articles and guides on the topics of marketing, PPC, content, and SEO. Time well-spent.

Recommended reads:

Marketing Land

If it’s about digital marketing, they are very likely covering it. From SEO, SEM, mobile optimization, social media marketing, advertising, to detail analysis – they publish some of the best material in the industry and give their followers a bird’s eye view of the niche. They also bring you the latest news in the field every day. This is a must have publication in your RSS news reader. Check out Marketing Land.

Recommended reads:


If we are talking about trends, the latest, and the most insightful, ClickZ should probably be your go-to one.

While it’s great for keeping up with trends, I find their analytical articles are among the best in the industry – informative and genuinely helpful. If you feel overwhelmed with the content arriving in your Inbox all day, sign up for their weekly newsletter to find out the best of the articles and insights from the entire week. I certainly find it easier to do in-depth reading on a weekly basis than a daily one. Most days I glance through the top stories and try as I might, I’m not able to keep up. Their weekly newsletter is a well-thought-out strategy for busy professionals.

Recommended reads:


You must be familiar with Buffer the app that helps sharing on social media. I want to draw your attention to their blog, which does not cease to amaze with its top-notch content. They have a dedicated news and trends section which keeps followers updated on important developments, plus regular detailed reports on various topics related to social media and online marketing in general. Sounds rather useful, right? Their case studies are a delight to dig into and very instructive. This is the kind of material that can start trends.

Recommended reads:

Knowledge is power when you know how, when, and where to apply it. With these blogs you have everything you need to know in the world of online marketing. In fact, there might be a problem of plenty in the beginning, and a number of new terms – in fact, a whole new jargon – for you to learn. But over just a few weeks your knowledge on a variety of topics will improve, and you will begin to understand how they are all connected. This is crucial as being able to see the bigger picture can greatly enhance your own digital marketing strategy.

Now, let us know in the comments which blogs do you follow on a regular basis and why? Where do you get all the latest and the best information in the industry from?

And what apps do you use to get your aggregated information from? If you were to recommend any to our readers, which would you pick? Chime in with your two cents!


Pete Peranzo

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