Being an entrepreneur is hard and can get lonely at times. Long working hours, conflicting advice and uncertainty are your companions. Unless you have a partner, who do you know that understands what you go through on a daily basis? It’s not uncommon for aspiring entrepreneurs to not open up to those around them for the fear of being misunderstood, mocked, or dismissed.

This is one journey that requires a strong dose of motivation at every step. Conferences are amazing events for this very reason. When you find the right ones, you are sucked into a mass of pulsating energy, heightened ambition and inspiring visions. You meet new people, learn new skills, and your business, as a result, is better for it.

Here are some of the best conferences that budding entrepreneurs or those who have just begun might want to consider attending.

Startup Grind


A global community designed specifically for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs, and as such covers all aspects and challenges of starting up today. Connect with a vast network of over 400,000 like-minded people across 85 countries and learn from each other’s experiences and the tremendous collective expertise. Startup Grind hosts events around the world, throughout the year.

Check out their website to learn of conferences to be held in your area, or nearby – if you don’t mind a bit of traveling.

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The Startup Conference

Silicon Valley

Based out of Silicon Valley, The Startup Conference is a startup-focused conference (as the name suggests!) that helps new or budding entrepreneurs learn the basics of starting out. This includes how to pitch to venture capitalists, business owners, or investors for funding, as well as how to launch products and conduct press around it. The kind of real and typical challenges that businesses face when starting out. Their roster of keynote speakers is impressive every time. California residents must check this out.

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Startup Weekend


Another global community, spread out over 150 countries. They are entirely focused on the challenges of getting a business up and running – and take place over weekends, so that you do not have to extract time out of your busy weekday schedules for it.

Startup Weekend has led to the formation of more than 23,000 teams across the world. They have held close to 3,000 events, which is a testament to their enthusiasm, quality and resultant success.

You network, learn to pitch, join a team and make a presentation in front of a panel. The idea is to gain new skills, hone existing ones and overcome mental blocks or uneasiness around presenting ideas or approaching people. Refine your pitch so that it becomes more compelling. It’s proven that participants learn a lot over the course of a weekend. If you are starting out, we highly recommend finding an event near you to attend.

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Social Media Week


Technology has proven to be the undoing of many a business. It’s evolving at a fast pace and those who are not able to keep up or harness its power are suffering already.

If you don’t want that person to be you, you might want to consider actively improving your tech skills by attending Social Media Week. It’s not rocket science, but for most people who don’t have a computer background, tech conferences are still useful.

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Data Driven Business

New York

The internet drives businesses and analytics are how businesses learn of their performance on the web.

This is one area where you need to be up to speed. It’s one thing to have access to Google Analytics, for instance, and quite another to be able to read and accurately interpret the data presented. An intelligent use of the data gleaned from analytics can give your business a competitive edge.

Check out Data Driven Business which aims to empower businesses with the help of data analytics.

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Future Stack


Another tech summit but not just another tech summit.

What can you expect? Workshops and “cutting edge keynotes.” Primarily, insights into how to use technology to improve your business. You will find out which technologies are pertinent to your business and how to make the best of them. The idea behind Future Stack is to learn enough so that you are ready for the future.

Imaginovation - 6 Conferences Entrepreneurs Should Attend in 2017 - future stack

We’re still putting our conference list together for 2017! Where will you be going?


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