Staying fit can be a major challenge, as evidenced by all of the mobile apps that are out on the market to help people get there. Choosing goals, staying on target, finding an exercise routine – it can all be quite overwhelming. Getting guidance and support that’s easy and accessible is a major key to success in this important part of your life.

That’s especially true for entrepreneurs, who can have a hard time finding time for fitness. There are so many obligations pulling on you when you’re working to get your business started and going. Taking care of yourself is an important part of supporting your entrepreneurial vision. Mobile tech gives you the chance to fit in fitness wherever you can, to mold it to your life.

Technology is actually making it easier to get fit. Using mobile apps, it’s possible to track your calories, check your goals, find motivation, and so much more.

Best Mobile Apps for Fitness

1. Outperform Fitness

Available on iOS and Android

Developed by experts in performance and fitness, Outperform Fitness is an inclusive fitness app that gives you everything you need to get motivated and get moving. There are whole plans included in this app, including tailored warmups and functional movements that will help you to get the workout that you need. The built in calendar lets you track your workouts with the touch of a button, and the video database ensures that you understand the movements you’re doing. There are literally thousands of workouts included in this app, and it’s easy to see how it can function like a personal trainer for you as you work to get fit and healthy.

One of the coolest functions of this app is the group function, which allow you to connect with friends and family to share workouts and motivation. Research shows that social support is a key to success.

Mobile Apps for Fitness - Outperform Fitness

  1. Charity Miles

Available on iOS and Android

Working out doesn’t just have to be just for you – you can workout for charity! We all know that motivation can be a challenge, but that’s a challenge that can sometimes be easier if you know that you’re doing this for a bigger cause with Charity Miles.

The way this app works is that corporate sponsors, which you can see in the app, contract to donate a few cents for each mile that you completely. There are dozens of charities for you to choose from. Whether you walk, bike, or run, you’ll be able to do something even bigger than yourself while you’re working out. The money might seem like small potatoes initially, but over time your workouts could add up to big money to help real people! That’s some serious motivation to get moving.

Mobile Apps for Fitness - Charity Miles

  1. FIT Radio

Available on iOS and Android

The right music can be the difference in a great workout and one that fizzles. FIT Radio is a streaming music app that offers mixes that have been created especially for their consistent beat by top DJs. There are hundreds to choose from, with options that fit every kind of workout from yoga to spin to Zumba. The free version of the app is somewhat limited, giving you only a taste of the great stuff that you’ll get with the premium version (which is reasonably priced). If you find that music is a driver of your motivation for working out, then this app is a must try for you. There’s a reason that this one is consistently listed as one of the top fitness music apps available.

Mobile Apps for Fitness - FIT Radio

  1. Jefit

Available on iOS and Android

If you’re a weightlifter, then Jefit is for you. Rather than haphazardly jotting down your reps and sets on crumples bits of paper, you can put all of that information into this app and so keep a real bead on what’s going on with your workout. This app is simple to use and will allow serious weightlifters to get more out of their routines. Developed by passionate and experienced strength training experts, this app allows you to track every detail of your weightlifting workout. There’s even a calendar to let you plan ahead.

Stripped down, focused and easy to use, Jetfit is perfect for anyone who’s using weightlifting as their primary mode of exercise.

Mobile Apps for Fitness - Jefit

  1. Strava

Available on iOS and Android

There are so many apps out there for you if you’re interested in distance fitness routines like running, cycling, etc. that can help you to track your distance. If you crave competition as part of your motivational process, then no app out there is better than Strava. You can choose to compete against yourself to challenge you to get to your best time, a method that’s great for those working on 5K or marathon goals. Or you can you compete against strangers along the same route that you’re running to see if you can beat their time! There’s also a function to compete against family and friends for that extra push to get better. Strava is easy to use and compatible with so many devices, and best of all it’s free.

Mobile Apps for Fitness - Strava

6. Lose it!

Available on iOS and Android

Lose It! Is primarily a calorie counting app, but it also allows you to track your workouts. The app is filled with standard American name-brand foods that you can easily click on to add to your meal plan for nutrition information. It’s been around for several years, and features a strong community aspect to help you keep motivated through peer support. It works with lots of fitness devices like the Fitbit series, RunKeeper. Nike+ FuelBand, and more. You can import your calories out and then also keep with your calories in to see where you stand and how you can improve. You’ll be able to set goals and see exactly how you’re doing. Not only does Lose It! offer an app, but all of the functionality is available on their website as well, allowing you to get more out of your fitness no matter where you are.

Mobile Apps for Fitness - Lose It

Fitness apps can be a huge boost when you’re trying to get healthier through diet and exercise, making your road to success much easier. Entrepreneurs, we want to hear from you! Have you used any of these best fitness apps or have you found another effective way to stay fit?


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