Inspiration for improving mobile app development expertise can come from anywhere. One of the best places for it to come from is podcasts.

Why mobile app developers should listen to podcasts

Listening to podcasts is arguably a better use of your time than lots of other methods of enriching your skills. Here are three reasons why:

Time redemption

Podcasts allow you to capitalize on time that would otherwise be wasted. Whether it’s during your commute, while you’re cleaning your kitchen, during your workout, whenever. You might not be able to read or watch a video during some of these activities, but you can listen to a podcast!

New ideas

Podcasts can give you new ideas. It’s not necessary for you to come up with this stuff out of the blue – lean on other resources! This medium offers you a personal connection to some of the top mobile app developers in the industry and can offer you a hearty influx of regular inspiration to keep you moving forward.


You can and should exploit resources wherever you can in order to stay on top of the new and cutting edge in mobile app development. Of course, you must trust that the people that you’re listening to will give you solid information.

These are just a few compelling reasons that you as a mobile app developer should be listening to podcasts. These little gems can make a big difference in your ability to be productive and to stay on top of mobile app trends, marketing and technology, which are all constantly changing.

Top podcasts for mobile app developers

Finding great podcasts in any genre is no small task. Wading through the junk and weeding out the time wasters isn’t something that you’ve got time for. That’s why we’ve put together this group of great podcasts for mobile app developers.

BlueCloud Podcast

Host Carter Thomas gives listeners a fantastic dose of inspiration to get moving with app marketing. No matter what kind of app you’re developing, getting it to customers who can enjoy it and make use of it is the end goal. Carter can help you tdo just that, and has created a considerable income for himself through app development. Bluecloud is a detailed and well organized podcast for all of the best information on how to market your mobile application.

Mobile app development podcast - Bluecloud


From the name of this podcast, you can probably guess that iOhYes for iOS app developers. Darryl Thomas and John Sextro deliver a mix of news, tips, technical information and witty commentary that will hold your attention while giving you the good stuff that you need. Though this podcast unfortunately stopped creating new episodes last fall, the backlogs are well worth your time.

Mobile app development podcast - iOhYes

Core Intuition

Fun, funny and informative, Daniel Jalkut and Manton Reece offer insights into the latest developments in Mac, iOS and everything else Apple. Core Intuition covers both deeply technical topics as well as marketing and integration. You’ll find episodes on every topic you can imagine as it relates to iOS development, along with a plethora of links to keep you interested and connected to the information contained within each podcast. Richly sourced and always interesting, this is perfect podcast for app developers.

Mobile app development podcast - Core Intuition

App Business Podcast

The App Business Podcast offers a whole host of information on both the business of and technical development of mobile apps. Look for a wide variety of news, interviews, special topics and more from hosts Chris and Andrew. These guys work on the most up to date information available from the world of mobile apps and present it in an interesting and engaging format on this useful podcast.

If you’re new to mobile app development, or just want a hearty review of the basics, check out their “Start Here” section. One of the hardest parts of this business is figuring out what the basics even are, as the world of mobile app development changes with such voracity.

These podcasts will give you everything you need to know for a broad foundation for mobile app success, including analytics and advertising techniques that are often neglected by developers. No matter where you are on the spectrum of app development, you’ll find this podcast useful!

Mobile app development podcast - App Business


Technically driven, this podcast focuses on iOS app development for both iOS independent developers and for OS X. With a name like iDeveloper that was probably pretty obvious! You’ll find topics like Objective-C, Helios, Oxygene and more included here on various podcasts. This podcast is regularly updated and highly rated – check out the glowing reviews on iTunes.

Mobile app development podcast - iDeveloper


We’ll leave you with the granddaddy of mobile app development podcasts. With over 500 episodes, Steve P. Young has been at this for a long time. AppMasters works well for casual mobile app developers, marketers and seriously experienced and technical developers. Here you’ll find tons of marketing knowledge, information on what’s cutting edge and next in mobile app development.

Everything here is based on data and information, relying on case studies and lots of research. The guests are amazing, and the podcasts keep coming – you’ll find a couple of new topics every week. Run by AppMasters, Mobile App Chat is your source for inspiration and information in app development.

5581 appma 300x80

These podcasts will hopefully become regular resources that help you to create better apps and to market them more effectively. There’s always room for more inspiration and more information in mobile app development, given the challenging nature of this industry. Podcasts offer the perfect solution for busy developers who never seem to have enough time to read about topics.

Do you love one of these podcasts? Is there a great mobile app development podcast that we missed? Let us know in the comments!


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