Where should you go to learn about SEO trends? The internet can be a sea of information, and knowing which places offer you the best information can be a major challenge for digital marketers. Sifting through the fluff is what SEO is really all about, but we all know that you’re not always going to find the best information with a simple search.

That’s why we’ve taken some of that guesswork out of the equation for you. Here’s a cheat sheet of seven top blogs to follow to stay on top of SEO trends.

The Google Blog

When we talk about SEO, we’re almost always talking about Google. We may as well call it Google Optimization instead of Search Engine Optimization, because by far the biggest search engine on the planet is Google.

The information you get here is straight from the horse’s mouth, which makes it an essential read for digital marketers. This is a news only blog though – no tips, no tricks, no how-tos. You’ll find lots of technical info about the ins and outs of the latest updates and plenty of discussion of changes that affect search. You should be reading this blog if you’re serious about SEO.

Search Engine Journal

Guest contributions comprise the thrust of the content you’ll find on Search Engine Journal, which is a good thing as it means that you’re getting the perspectives of many different developers and marketers. Search engine optimization isn’t a concrete kind of venture – Google doesn’t publish exactly what it’s using to rank websites, it just gives us hints. This is a puzzle that everyone is working to put together through research and experience. The more voices you hear from, the better informed you’ll be.

Look for a lighter tone than most other online marketing sites, with videos and news stories that are constantly updated. There’s a thriving community in the comments on Search Engine Journal, so don’t forget to scroll down for even more insights.

Search Engine Land

This is likely the most popular SEO blog on the internet and it’s one that every digital marketer should be checking regularly. Search Engine Land is almost always the first to break news that’s related to SEO. Nearly every subject that you can imagine that’s related to SEO is covered here with not just one, but multiple articles. The writers who create the content are SEO experts in their own right, and their experience shows in the level of detail in the pieces.

Search Engine Land has established itself as an authority in SEO online. Reading this one is akin to flipping on the nightly news every day to make sure that you haven’t missed any major events in the world.


For those digital marketers who love to dig through data, KISS metrics is definitely for you. There’s a broader marketing focus that goes beyond SEO, but that honestly helps to put the whole thing in a bit of perspective. There is always at least a couple of articles weekly that are relevant to SEO, so there’s constantly something new to learn from KISS metrics. And again, everything here is based on actual data that’s come from legitimate sources, analyzed and tossed around until the value is understood.

Every angle of SEO is covered here. This is a blog that’s accessible and consistent for everyone who has got a stake in search engine visibility.

Search Engine Watch

This one tends to go a bit deeper into subjects than most of the other blogs you’ll find on SEO. High profile news stories are easy to find here and there’s always updated content to learn something new from. One of the best things going for Search Engine Watch is that the site is so well built and easy to navigate. More than any other blog on this list, this one makes it easy for you to get to exactly the topics that you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for an easily accessible blog to start off with, check out Search Engine Watch and get off on the right foot. If you’ve been at this for a while, check them out anyway for some great depth on all kinds of SEO related topics.


What sets HubSpot apart from just about every other digital marketing blog out there is that it’s so well written. Even the most tech un-savvy business owners can read and understand the SEO information that’s presented here. There are lots of blogs under the umbrella of HubSpot, but for SEO you’ll want to surf over to the Marketing Blog.

Check out the infographics, videos, and more that fill up the pages of HubSpot. It’s a blog that’s a lot of fun to read. Like KISS Metrics, it’s going to give you SEO in a broader context that will help you to make sense of what you need to focus on in digital marketing from beyond just SEO. That can be a great thing for businesses.


We saved the most useful for last. Moz is more than an SEO blog, it’s a massive resource that includes tools that you can use right now to help you improve your rankings. Mozranks are an incredibly useful tool to determine legitimacy for website rankings, and you have the ability to check any website just by entering its URL.

The guides available on Moz are hard to beat, offering great information for both seasoned veterans of SEO and newcomers who are just learning what’s up. You’ll find in depth information on how to make effective changes in your site to improve SEO on Moz. The information here is perfect for small businesses who need action steps to take, not just theory and technical babble. There’s a great mix of beginner and advanced material on Moz.

Do you have a great SEO focused blog that we didn’t list here? We’re always on the lookout for new sources of quality digital marketing info. We’d love to hear about it in the comments!


Pete Peranzo

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