Videos are quickly becoming the kings of content. With an insatiable appetite for videos, the consumption of this audio-visual format is at an all-time high. Experts predict this demand to climb even further, making video marketing a must-have in any content strategy.

However, video production can be an expensive endeavour. It can also be time-consuming. There is an entire new medium to learn and master. Those awesome videos you see on TV networks and popular blogs? They didn’t come around just like that!

Luckily, the developer community is kind enough to create impressive software and even make it available for free. Here are some free tools to get you started with video editing while also keeping the process easy on your pocket.

Windows Movie Maker

This popular, useful, though somewhat limited video making software comes bundled with Windows for free.

All PC users probably started here when editing videos.

It’s basic and simple to use, though over the years we have seen a number of features make their way into the software.

The basic idea is to string together clips to create a movie out of. Edit out the parts you don’t want, which requires you to get your timing right down to the nano second, by setting end and start points.

You can apply filters, visual effects, add voiceovers as well as transitions. Some of the visual effects are trendy and would be right at home on an Instagram feed.

With the latest updates, one can now even stabilize shaky videos as well as change the pace of the movie.

If you are intimidated by the thought of running high-brow video editing software, this is the best place to start. They also have a dedicated community in place to help you with any query you might have.


This free and open source video editor is a delight for experienced users. It comes with a ton of features to help producers with excellent 3D modelling, rendering, animating and skinning.

For novice users, Blender’s exhaustive features can be a tad overwhelming. It is also not the most user-friendly video editing tool out there. Despite that, the software is worth trying out. It comes with plenty of documentation as well as YouTube guide videos to assist beginners every step of the way.

For the sheer possibilities that are present with Blender, as well as the quality of the final product, businesses must consider this software for creating top-notch visual content.

DaVinci Resolve 12

We are getting ambitious now. In fact, this is probably as ambitious as you can get when it comes to cutting videos like the professionals.

Avatar, Skyfall, and World War Z are some of the movies that made use of this software for high-end color correction.

One would expect software such as this to ask for big bucks but it happens to be available for free. If that got your attention, go check it out now.

DaVinci Resolve 12 can handle videos of big sizes (given that some smartphones are already capable of shooting 4k videos) as well as edit footage from multiple cameras (which shows up in a grid). Trimming is super easy and can be carried out on multiple clips simultaneously.

There are many more features and a lot for a video producer to familiarize with but it’s time well spent. You do, after all, want your videos to look Hollywood-level, don’t you?

HitFilm 4 Express

Your one-stop shop for all editing needs, with an enthusiastic community to cheer you on.

Because this software is available for free, you can download it now and get started with making impressive and professional-level videos.

Features include 2D and 3D compositing, more than a 100 visual effects to choose from, and tutorials and training (also free) to get you started. The pro version has plenty more oomph and functionality to offer, but that is a purchase you can keep for later.

Filmora Wondershare

A highly capable video editing tool that can give you stunning results without putting you through a steep learning curve.

Unlike some other tools on this list, Filmora is beginner-friendly and easy to use throughout. It comes with enhanced functionality and numerous overlays and filters to give home videos a professional look.

The drag and drop interface is not just easy but also a delight to use. The tool also provides support for animated text, music tracks, and speed control. It works with all kinds of formats and can import/export files to any device.

If you lack time or patience to learn a new tool, and yet desire professional results, you might want to give this software a go.

VideoPad Video Editor

Another beginner-friendly video editing tool but rather basic in nature for ambitious video makers. For those looking to foray into the world of making and producing professional videos, however, this is a tool worth trying out. It is simple to use but this simplicity is also because it only contains a few effects and features.

The Masters edition, on the other hand, comes with an advanced set of features, plugins, and also audio support. It is still not as comprehensive as some of the other tools listed here, which are also free to boot.


“Reinventing Hollywood,” says the tagline.

The performance is in line with the ambition, too.

This free and open source software is proof that we don’t have to spend a lot of money to achieve professional-grade results. Jahshaka gives users an array of tools to create stunning digital content. In fact, the list of features is so exhaustive that few will be able to master it all, or even need them all. But those with imagination will love playing around with the features to create videos that do not just look impressive but also stand out from the competition.

It supports all video and audio formats and works across platforms. The interface is easy to use.

Though there are many tools available to help you create videos on your own, a professional videographer can enhance your vision. Do you have an awesome idea for a video and not sure where to start? Contact the Imaginovation video team. We can’t wait to hear your idea!


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