Creating successful landing pages is dependent on how well you understand the psyche of your target customers. This is important because the effectiveness of landing pages is determined by how fast they grab the attention of visitors and convince them to buy your product.

So, how do you create powerful landing pages? Which are the aspects you must consider for building a landing page that delivers results? Let’s look at a nine step action plan:


  1. Create a Captivating Headline

Create an attention grabbing headline that makes people stop, think and go deeper into your landing page. Hire a witty, professional copywriter if writing great copy doesn’t come naturally to you.

It’s important that you get your headline absolutely right. If written well, the words of your headlines can translate into leads.

Make sure the headline is catchy, sends the intended message to visitors about the product/ service and is preferably made up of ten words at the most.

Thumb rule of landing page headline: Use words that entice!!

… Sub-headline should complement headline

Your sub-headline should make visitors stay longer on your page. It should have an element of persuasiveness and must add depth to the headline, compelling visitors to dig deeper into the landing page.

  1. Use Visuals that Captivate

A picture says a thousand words.

Our brain processes images faster than text. What’s more, your visitors will tend to remember information on the page, if it uses the right imagery. This is why you must focus on choosing the right visuals for your landing pages. This point cannot be stressed enough.

Use high quality pictures relevant to your product/service instead of stock images. Such pictures instill confidence in the minds of your potential customers about your product.

It will be a good idea to hire a style photographer for shooting authentic product photos that showcase product USP. These pictures should be large, clear and emphasize the benefit/strengths of your product.

  1. Explain Well

Make sure all content on the landing pages ties in well with the headline, sub-headline and visuals. Ensure it has a logical flow right from headline to call-to-action. Also make sure this content clearly mentions product benefits.

It’s important that you highlight your unique value proposition because your customer will definitely ask this question- What’s in it for me?

If the landing page answers this question well, the chances of conversions increase exponentially.

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Use customer oriented words like ‘you’, ‘imagine’, ‘trusted’, and ‘proven’ to connect with customers. Talk about how your product/service can benefit them and keep your content customer-centric.

Prefer long-form content because it can be more effective in convincing your prospective customers.

  1. Attractive Design that Complements the Content

It’s the design of the landing page that people see first; it must be flawless. Remember, first impressions matter and therefore, a stylish, self-explanatory design that looks highly impressive is an absolute must. Ensure that the design is such that all content layers are neatly demarcated. All design elements must be perfectly aligned with the content flow. An experienced web designer knows the value of form complementing function; it is what enhances a landing page’s visual appeal.

Do not limit use of persuasive elements to a single section; rather extend them to every section of the landing page, from headline to its CTA button/s. Also, establish the right hierarchical flow of information from top to bottom, so that a visitor aided by the right navigational features can smoothly sail from headline to CTA button and clicks on it.

  1. Use Real Testimonials

Add a couple of testimonials to the landing page for enhancing the credibility of your product; but make sure these are real. The whole idea behind using testimonials is improving the trustworthiness of your landing pages and fake testimonials just defeat the purpose.

Use genuine testimonials of your existing customers because they are your best brand ambassadors. Each featured testimonial should have a picture, a specific geo-location and a clear discussion about how your product or service benefited the user.

Let your customers do the talking for your business on your landing page.

  1. Connect with Users

Even if the design of the landing page is of very high quality, it will fail to connect with users if there isn’t any emotional bonding. Engage and empathize with them. Your landing page should tell visitors your business is offering a solution to a problem rather than selling a product /service.

Go beyond the functional aspect of the product or service and emphasize on how satisfaction is an important by-product of your product of service. If you are successful in doing that on your landing page, the flood gates of conversions will open.

  1. A Clear Call-to-Action

When visitors make up their minds to go a step further in the sales funnel, they should easily be able to find the CTA button. These buttons should be big, bold and attractive. They should be easy to spot and use. Remember, a poorly designed CTA button can spoil conversions and send your customers to a competitor’s website.

You can’t afford that.

  1. Speed Counts

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The loading speed of your landing page matters. Google lays greater emphasis on it because it is related to user experience. Your visitors will not patiently sit around and wait for your landing page to load on their desktop or mobile screens. They will just move on to some other site to get the information they want.

The loading page of your landing page, assumes tremendous significance in the scheme of things.

Make concise image files, use cache tools and rely on service of a speedy web host to increase loading speed and reduce your bounce rates.

  1. Socialize your Landing Pages

We live in the age of Social Media.

Add share buttons to your landing page to boost its chances of reaching a wider audience. People tend to share information about their recent purchase or a helpful resource with their friends and family. Social media buttons will help visitors share the landing page or its content with friends and followers across social networks.

This will drive more traffic to your site.

A Final Word

A landing page is your conversion funnel. If it is done well, it will attract voluminous traffic and trigger high conversion rates. So make sure it is designed right.


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