With roughly half of the consumers who receive an SMS text offer from a retailer going on to make a purchase from the company, SMS texting is a proven method to boost sales and build a base of repeat customers. Whether you are just starting out in business or if your marketing strategy has simply gone stale and you are looking for new methods, creating a customized mobile marketing strategy is the answer. With a solid plan in place, you will reach your customers instantly and be able to market to your target demographic in a dynamic way. Your customer base will grow and you will be able to offer customers time limited discounts simply by sending out a text message.

Smart phone users rely on SMS opt-in marketing services

With close to 79% of smart phone users making shopping decisions based on the opt-in texts they receive from retailers, this is an essential tool to use when creating a customized marketing strategy. Mobile marketing continues to grow and smart phone users rely on their cell phones for researching products, finding services and communicating via text with businesses. If you want to connect to customers, reaching them through their cell phone is the most direct avenue.

7-Eleven is one of the pioneers of running an SMS opt-in marketing campaign. 7-Eleven in Hawaii wanted a quick and easy way to send promotions to all their customers so they launched a digital marketing solution powered by an SMS platform.

They promoted their text-2-join campaign in one of their store at their Oahu location.

Their campaign gained over 3,700 new sign-ups. After seeing the success of their campaign, they expanded it to all 62 locations in Hawaii.

SMS texts grab attention

When you want to grab the attention of your customers, statistics show that 70% of mobile phone owners believe that SMS texts are a positive attention grabber. This means that they want to interact with your business. This is a high percentage rate, considering that most people will throw away direct marketing coupons or flyers before even opening them.

Jamba Juice in Bakersfield used SMS as an immediate and affordable way to connect with local residents to quickly build a loyal following.

New and frequent visitors could text Jamba to 99000 and an immediate auto response text would send a discount for the same day.

Jamba Juice was able to grow their mobile database by 1,000 customers in just two months. With a clear campaign objective, setting calls-to-action across multiple channels, they were able to increase foot traffic to all 4 of their locations by as much as 10%.

Creating engaging texts to foster conversions

Once you decide on adopting a mobile marketing strategy, determining how you are going to use SMS texting to engage your customers is important. Customers will opt-in to your services if you offer information on sales or offer discounts only found through your text marketing campaign. These offers must get customers who have been thinking about making a purchase, to act on this desire. You want your customers to continually be interested in what you have to offer and to provide feedback that allows you to continually hone how you communicate with your target demographic.

Attic, a fashion forward clothing retail store in Buena Park, Ca launched a text campaign that produced a month’s revenue in 3 days.

They were running an annual Black Friday sale. Just two days before the sale, they promoted their text CAMPOUT TO 69302 mobile keyword throughout their company blog and social media. They boasted an incredible 12,000 new mobile database opt-in. On the day of the sale, Attic generated $20,000 in sales within the first 2 hours of opening. They ended up with a month’s worth of revenue in 3 days.

Reach Your Customers Faster than Email or Direct Mail Campaigns

You can reach your customers instantly using text messaging, and this is the biggest benefit to creating a mobile marketing strategy. Direct mail campaigns are expensive, and you don’t reach your customers right away. When you want to offer discounts or deals that have a short time span, you can do this easily without having to create paper marketing materials and send them out to your customers. SMS marketing is a more targeted approach, and businesses find that their customer base grows after implementing an opt-in strategy.

Michael C. Fina’s Diamond Dash event was able to raise $25,000 that benefited The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. They used SMS to power a fun filled scavenger hunt. Dashers raced around New York solving carefully crafted clues using the keyword and short code. Couples received clues via SMS messages where they has to participate in tasks such as taking a picture, finding a clue and replying back via text – all in real-time.

The results, over 300 mobile numbers registered for the event. The event raised nearly $25,000 through dasher donations, raffle ticket sales and partner donations.

An opt-in marketing campaign will provide you with a way to reach your clients immediately, obtain customer feedback and change your marketing based on this feedback. The world of mobile marketing is only going to continue to grow and become more sophisticated. If you haven’t begun using mobile marketing, it’s time to start now. With mobile marketing added to an existing marketing plan, you will expand your outreach to customers without adding a significant cost to your business.

What’s next?

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