The world of internet marketing has evolved considerably over the past few years. But even as a number of factors have become a part of the mix – such as PPC, social media marketing, and link building – good ol’ fashioned SEO continues to be of great importance.

In fact, SEO, too, continues to evolve as online search gets more and more refined.

It’s simply not enough to hire an SEO expert and devise an SEO strategy during the setting up of a website. You must keep revisiting this strategy in order to determine if you are progressing along the desired lines.

There are multiple reasons for this, but the most obvious one is that elements that drive helpful SEO keep changing. That which worked perfectly yesterday may not work at all today.

We’ve devised a list of five signs that should send your SEO alarm bells ringing. If you are witnessing any of these, your strategy might just need a makeover.

1. Drop in traffic

After you have optimized your website for the keywords that serve your purpose, you can expect a steady uptick in the traffic it receives.

But this is not necessarily a linear path. Businesses often experience a drop in traffic for no apparent reason.

They might even see their Google rankings plummet, despite having pumped in thousands of dollars in web design upgrade, SEO and content marketing.

There isn’t an exact formula that propels a business to the top ranking for its chosen keywords. But a drop in traffic is a strong indication you are going wrong somewhere in your Internet marketing efforts.

2. Ranking not improving fast enough

It helps to be patient when expecting results with SEO.

But if you have been languishing at the bottom of page 9 of SERPs for your chosen keywords for over a year, something is obviously amiss.

It should be noted that it’s more difficult to rise up in competitive niches. But you should still see a steady climb for the most part, especially if you are monitoring the progress made over a considerable span of time, such as an entire year.

3. Google updated its algorithm

This one hits us out of nowhere.

Your SEO strategy can be rendered useless when Google updates its algorithm, and all that you were relying on is now considered bad or unwanted practices overnight.

The Hummingbird and Penguin updates sent many businesses in a tizzy. Tactics that businesses had been relying on up until that point were suddenly redundant, even dangerous. A number of businesses earned Google penalties, which left them in dismay, and it took them a few months to even realize what had hit them.

Now websites are also getting penalized for not being very mobile-friendly.

While one can never know what Google has up its sleeve next, it helps to keep abreast of trends in the world of digital marketing in general and SEO in particular. Put simply, this means you can never rest on your laurels.

As the digital world is dictated by Google, it is imperative that businesses are cognizant of the new changes because an ignorance in this regard can reward them with a quick downgrade in rankings. All that you had worked hard to achieve undone by an update that blindsided you. It’s almost cruel, but that’s how it is. It’s a tragedy that can be avoided by having a digital marketing professional keep an eye on your website for you.

4. Keywords are no longer functioning

We assume you chose the keywords for your business after detailed market research. We assume, too, that you understand your Web audience and focus on providing them helpful and unique content. The keywords thus decided upon should support you for a long time.

But keywords need revisiting, too.

There could be new players in the market that have overtaken you. Depending on the trends in the niche people may start searching for a separate set of keywords. The kind of content they are looking for might have changed.

All of this would impact the traffic a business receives, as well as how well its content is received.

The best way to do stay ahead of the curve is to follow the big name publications and blogs in tech industry. A lot of speculation takes place in the wake of each and every update, so it can get confusing at times to determine what to follow and what to ignore.

Do plenty of research before before acting on your SEO. Then, keep tracking the performance of your site rankings to determine if an action is even warranted.

Here is a helpful list of websites to follow on a regular basis:

Having a website is not the same as building a brick-and-mortar store. Nothing is set in stone here (no pun). You have to keep revisiting the foundation of your web presence and keep tweaking the strategies that help you. If you’re considering hiring an SEO professional, educate yourself on the fundamentals. In fact, here are 9 helpful questions to ask any digital marketing professional before hiring them to assist you. Having an agency full of digital gurus on your side can help you avoid a lot of SEO heartache.


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