We are immersed in the era of e-commerce, and the modern business owner has many choices when it comes to e-commerce platforms. Some tech savvy entrepreneurs learn the ins and outs of e-commerce, maintaining their own website for e-commerce sales. However, most companies hire a web developer and designer for creating the perfect e-commerce site for business.

Certainly there are entrepreneurs with HTML experience who want to build and manage their own e-commerce site by themselves. But if you’re one of the thousands of non-tech savvy CEO’s and want to save money by bootstrapping-up and embracing the DIY attitude, here are five platforms you can utilize for a do-it-yourself, professional e-commerce website.

Here are our top 5 e-commerce solutions for the non-tech business owners.


This is dream destination for any e-commerce business owner. With a simple back end, this hassle-free platform is fantastic for any retail business who wants to make their presence known in the online world. The platform offers product listings and the ability to keep track of your orders online.

Shopify offers five different types of sales channels – online stores, point of sale, buy button, Facebook shop and enterprise. It is not necessary to purchase a plan immediately. They offer a 14-day trial for the business owners.


Magento is a powerful e-commerce solution for business owners, with rich out-of-the-box features that are useful for the many types of companies. The platform is owned by eBay, which provides online retailers the option of selling products not only in their own shop, but harnessing the reach and power of eBay as well.

Magento offers digital Commerce, order Management and industry solutions. It is an open omnichannel innovation that offers an open-source, cloud-based e-commerce platform for entrepreneurs. Specifically, its omnichannel solution empowers companies to easily integrate both the digital and physical shopping experience for their customers. The Enterprise edition creates a great experience for your customers on varied outputs – tablet, mobile or desktops. It is available in cloud as well.


WooCommerce is a free e-commerce toolkit for WordPress users. This has become a popular platform–with tens of thousands of other business owners on board, you can rest assured that you are in good company. Store owners have complete control over sales activities.

The free setup is easily installed–you do not need to be a technical pro! WooCommerce will walk you through integrating it with your personalized WordPress website.


The Webs platform offers easy-to-use, professionally-built templates to help you create your online store.

You do not need to be programmer or a designer to build your website. The rich, yet simple, templates are fast, beautiful, flexible and intuitive. The drag-and-drop feature makes it easy for you to build your website with ease, without any programming experience, and the flexible pricing enables you to choose the right plan for your business.

Paypal Buttons

Installing a simple PayPal buttons can allow your customers to buy one item at a time. Enabling the feature will create a Buy Now button on your webpage. Paypal has gained popularity in very little time, and many websites are using this feature to accept payment from their customers across the globe.

Creating the PayPal button is easy. PayPal provides the HTML code, and you can simply copy and paste it to the background HTML of your website. The Buy Now button will then appear on your website, visible to your customers. Just click the button to buy the item! There is no set up or cancellation for creating the button, and it accepts debit cards, credit cards and PayPal payments.

Need help with e-commerce?

Online shopping has become more popular than ever, and your business could be missing out on easy sales opportunities and wide open markets. E-commerce doesn’t have to be difficult, as most of these platforms are intuitive and easy-to-use. And if you’re still unsure about utilizing e-commerce, set up a consultation with one of our experts, and let us help you decide if your digital market is large enough to consider expanding into online sales.


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