Effective Internet marketing is crucial to getting a business noticed online. With daily users of the Internet amounting to billions, there is no end to the number of potential customers you can reach with a clever digital marketing campaign.

However, efficient marketing needs a solid website to back it. All that marketing will come to nothing if it does not lead people to a website that is user-friendly, engaging, and is marked with clear calls-to-action. A successful online business then is a combination of targeted marketing and a robust customer-friendly website. Such a website will also feature high in search results, thus maximizing your chances of success.

But as things are, most Web designers are clueless about marketing. And accomplished marketers often lack in their understanding of technology, and more importantly, how it impacts the performance (business or otherwise) of a website.

At Imaginovation, we have created a beautiful combination of accomplished Web designers, developers and marketers in order to set up websites for our clients. And in our experience, this has turned out to be a winning combination.

The effectiveness of such a combination can be felt in separately or in a combination. Separate effectiveness is when the benefits can be singled out as a result of either a clever Web design or creative marketing strategies. Combined effectiveness is when the benefits are a result of both.

With marketing and SEO a website shows up prominently in Google search, whereas the design and the user-experience provided by a website draw visitors in and make them stay.

Here is how it all blends in together.

The impact of a good Web design
Smart Web designers and developers understand not just the technical aspects of a website but also what makes it user-friendly. Depending on the brief given to them, they will create a website that is perfectly in line with the client’s needs. The developers should be well-versed in the latest technology trends, and understand how to implement these in the execution of a new design. It would help to rope in the marketers at this very stage in order to clearly explain to the developers the elements of a website that are important from a marketing angle, such as strategically placed CTAs or social plug-ins, to maximize the chances of conversion.

A harmonious theme
A well-done theme can be an effective marketing tool for a website. Clients are captivated when they find out how perfectly a theme blends in with the products or services offered. Once again, such a harmony is only possible when both the development team and the marketers work together. A marketer should understand what the client wants to portray via the website, and how this will be perceived by the end-users. This input will prove valuable to the development team. For best results, theirs should be an ongoing collaboration.

Benefiting from social sites
Smart marketers are knowledgeable about how to lure and impress social media users. Effective Web designers, on the other hand, are experts in hosting and optimizing a website for social networks. When the two come together, you are assured of a website that creates an impact.

To sum up

A profitable website is a result of a number of factors. It is not just aesthetically pleasing, but also commercially driven while placing user-friendliness at its heart. Web developers and designers understand the technical aspects very well, but may not always be aware of how to optimize it from a marketing point of view. This is where the marketing experts step in, to guide them along the way.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a marketer’s role only effectively begins once the website is ready. Their input is crucial even at the developing stages in order to showcase a client’s products in the best possible way, and to help ascertain if the designers are on the track to creating a business-friendly website.


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