As the technology supporting quality videos becomes more widely and easily available, we are witnessing a jump in the numbers of videos being produced every day. Not surprisingly, businesses are embracing this medium in order to reach greater audiences.

Here are some ways in which your small business can jump onto this trend and create fantastic corporate videos.

Keep it in line with the brand philosophy

Videos are a powerful medium. People might forget your About Us content the minute the exit the page, but a well-made video can stay with them for a long time, tremendously aiding with brand recall.

Also, visuals will always trump text. Whatever a person sees on the video, it has to align with the text on the website. If there is a mismatch in the tone of the overall content, it will send out a conflicted message to the viewers, and people might go with the message gleaned through the video just because it’s a more impressive medium.

The brand philosophy needs to remain consistent regardless of the format of the content being used to promote it.

Direct it towards a specific audience

As much as your blog posts, the videos too need to be targeted towards a specific audience.

Define your audience and the message you want to deliver via the video. What do you want them to take away from watching the video?

Research the type of visual content your target audience loves to consume. What is the competition up to? We are not asking you to ape them, but if their videos are well-received, there’s a hint in it for you to understand what works.

For example, fashion videos can be peppy and colorful, because most of the men and women this industry attracts enjoy that kind of narration and style. That is not to say that there are no serious-looking fashion videos, but there is a huge market for bubbly personalities and colorful videos.

A law firm, on the other hand, would require a slightly serious and professional looking (and sounding) video. After all, people only approach lawyers as the last resort. Understanding the target demographics and creating content that hits the right spot with them will pay off huge for a business.

Keep the narration tight

Depending on the type of corporate video and its intended purpose, one may or may not need to talk much. In general, however, it’s recommended to keep all talk concise and to the point.

If it’s a descriptive video, focus more on visuals and less on talk. Any talking should only supplement the visuals wherever necessary.

Don’t load it with information

Think of corporate videos as movie teasers. You only want to put out enough to pique the interest of the viewers so they want to find out more, and you want to do it in a way that they cannot wait to find out more.

You want to present a snapshot of the business, of the feel of the place, of the people who work there, and the customers it attracts.

This is not where you blow your horn in terms of detailed numbers or facts. In order to make the most of the two or three minutes you have with the video, choose the most important aspects of the business that you want to be conveyed and stick with them. For detailed information, leave the viewers with links to find out more.

Humor is a great tool to connect

Humor goes a long way with people, but again, it has to tie in with the larger philosophy of the brand and the personality of the business. It may not be appropriate for every business, and a lot depends on how it has been used. If you think you can pull it off, don’t be shy to experiment with it.

Animation can be fun to try

Taking forward the concept of humor, animation can impart a light-hearted vibe to a corporate video. It helps liven things up and also makes a video stand out.

Anything that arrests viewers’ attention tends to remain in their memory for a relatively longer period of time.

Here are some of the videos that our video marketing team has shot:

For Despina’s Café

The video introduces the owner of this Raleigh, NC-located café, and gets her to narrate the story of the place herself. It captures an aerial shot of the beautiful surroundings of the café. We see locals having breakfast, which conveys the friendly and laidback nature of the place, kind of like what an ideal cafe is supposed to be.

The video explains the owner’s philosophy behind the café as well as the attention to detail that goes into making each and every dish and the fact that all recipes are original and prepared here from scratch – this is important as our society gets more and more health-conscious.

Cafes are a part of the hospitality industry, where the onus is on connecting with customers and providing them with an experience they would want to relieve again and again. This video is able to bring all of that together in just under three minutes.

For Imaginovation

Do notice the smart use of animation in this video. It conveys the point without diluting the message. If anything, it helps carry the message home.

Have you considered producing a video for your business? Let us help you out. Our videography team is ready to help you bring your ideas to life!


Pete Peranzo

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