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The era of live streaming influences the way we communicate as well as what it means to be an eyewitness. The Leagleyes mobile application was developed to allow users the ability to be an eyewitness anywhere, to become purveyors of the reality that’s happening wherever they happen to be.

What Leagleyes does

Leagleyes Mobile Application

Though live streaming is at the core of the Leagleyes app, it does so much more. Here’s a short list of what the Leagleyes app can do:

  • Record and broadcast live video to select individuals. Not just anyone can see your livestream!
  • Share video with contacts on Facebook and Twitter by including a personal message.
  • Edit the video title from video archives and send it to contacts as an email or text.
  • Uses password protection to ensure security of video archives.

Video quality is assured with Leagleyes, which won’t stream video if your signal is too weak to stream high quality images. Instead, videos are automatically saved and sent to your contacts, who can access the recorded video.

During the recording, the built in Leagleyes messenger allows contacts to send messages. When videos are archived, a personalized PIN is required to delete them- an important privacy protection feature.

What’s really great is that all you have to do is to press record and go! In those “you gotta see this” moments, your live stream is just a click away. Your contacts can then bear witness to your emergency situation and view the uploaded file. Your GPS location is tagged to allow someone to come to your aid if need be. Simple to use and straightforward in functionality, Leagleyes works with you in tough situations to allow you to do more in those intense moments.

Creating the Leagleyes mobile app

Imaginovation built the base of the app using Swift for iOS and Java for Android. A 3rd party SDK was used for integrating support for video streaming to a Wowza server. There’s also in-app messaging support so that when a user starts a video stream to his contact list, the receivers can comment. Only the video initiator can see the messages. The result is a unique, easy to use mobile application with a clear purpose.

A reliable mobile application

Imagine This: Leagleyes Mobile Application | Imaginovation

Thanks to the consistent, ground up approach to development that is the foundation for all of Imaginovation’s mobile applications, the Leagleyes app can be trusted to perform well under pressure and in critically important situations. Reliability matters with this kind of application, so creating that supporting tech piece was incredibly important to our development team. Downtime and problems are an issue here more than on just about any other kind of application and everyone who downloads it needs to feel confident that it’s going to be there in moments of crisis.

Having a mobile application that addresses a real world need is the heart of success. That’s why we’re so proud to partner with Leagleyes to offer an app that can be useful in moments of crisis.

We are extremely proud to work with this innovative and imaginative company that’s working on the ground, right where people are. This is an app that addresses a real issue and we are proud to be part of the solution.

Do you have an idea for a mobile app that could help solve a real-life problem? Contact us – we’d love to turn your idea into reality!


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