Wow! It’s been ten years and I must say that it has been an amazing ride for all of us at Imaginovation.

As our team completes ten incredible years of hard work, fun, joy, and success, I would love to walk you through this delightful journey. It’s inspiring in every possible way.

We as a company had our ups and downs, but our struggles helped us push forward and achieve some amazing feats for our clients. 

Today, when we look back and see our happy clients, we know we’ve made a positive impact in this industry.

Now is the moment to pause the time and look back at our spectacular journey at Imaginovation together.

How Did It All Start?

So it all started in 2011. Imaginovation is a 100% organically bootstrapped company that I started with my best friend and brother-in-law Pete Peranzo

Back then, Pete worked at SAS, and he wanted to do something bigger. I met him through one of our mutual friends, and we became great friends. I always had this dream of starting my own business, and Pete knew there was a hidden entrepreneur inside me.

What started as a humble beginning has now grown to a multi-million dollar and award-winning tech company. 

The journey began when we came together and decided to set up a full-service web and mobile app development company. When mulling over the company name, we thought of a great slogan that’s "Imagination turns innovation.

That’s when the name "Imaginovation" came into existence.

Our north star was to help businesses achieve their true potential through innovative technology. Plus, solve their internal pain points.

10 Years of Ups, Downs, Struggles, and Success

We started from nothing. We had to make a lot of sacrifices and fight our way through some of the most challenging obstacles to see the business flourish. 

We didn’t know much about entrepreneurship when we started, but we learned things through tons of trials and errors and consistent hard work.

Imaginovation was built brick by brick through sheer hard work and dedication. From the very beginning, we as the co-founders shared our vision with the team and aimed to develop the company’s brand value and recognition.

We would reach out to hundreds of people every day through emails, and slowly with time, we started getting qualified leads that led to clients. Our team would brainstorm for hours to figure out ways to bring value to all the leads to grow their portfolio, clientele, and trust, and credibility in the over-saturated market.

There were times when we attended local events in Raleigh, Cary, Charlotte, and Durham and connected with potential leads and prospects. Soon, we had a handful of projects after the first six months.

We then decided to drastically enhance our website and start marketing it across North Carolina. Soon we could break through some of our most formidable obstacles and finally see our business flourish. 

The right team supported us for this breakthrough, which helped us create brilliant solutions and leverage them in the market. 

Here’s a peek at how the marketing team did an excellent job generating a steady flow of inbound leads. (We will read more on the team shortly.)

Imaginovation organic traffic growth

Image 1: Snapshot of the steady organic growth

The turnaround is evident with new customers and developing state-of-the-art solutions for them, and not to forget adding happy clients to the list. 

The Three Ps - Passion, People, and Perseverance

What’s the secret? What makes Imaginovation outshine competitors? It’s not magic, just grounded basics. We often attribute our success to three P’s – Passion, People, and Perseverance.

Passion-fueled: For me and Pete, it starts with having the right mindset, which we believe is one of the most straightforward and precious attributes for entrepreneurs. To add to this, we have always fuelled our passion on core basics such as honesty, integrity, passion, accountability, and hard work that has helped achieve milestones after milestones.

The people in the journey: Next is our amazing people. Our team has a great blend of smart and talented developers, QAs, project managers, marketers, and salespersons that contribute to curating state-of-the-art solutions. 

What helped the team push for such incredible milestones? The one-word answer is – customers. The customers kept the team on their toes with their creative thinking hats on, which in turn helped bring out mind-blowing digital journeys to life.

Strong perseverance:  Winning isn’t a one-time journey! It needs constant efforts to stay ahead and learn new trends, understand emerging technologies, and use the latest frameworks and tools. We follow the Kaizen methodology, where we strive to make small improvements every day, fix mistakes and get better at what we do each day.

Success is no magic! It has taken a decade to discover the success factors, and our team cherishes the sustainable ecosystem based on core values. 

So, it’s pretty logical that all the digital solutions speak volumes about what we have genuinely believed in.

Our Achievements

Today, Imaginovation has built a reputation as a customer-centric web and mobile development company. With the forward-thinking and empathetic leadership style, the company stands tall with many accolades.

Imaginovation has brought invaluable services and created satisfying digital journeys for clients ranging from small-and-medium businesses to Fortune 500 clients

The company has built over 1000 websites, mobile and web apps, and software. We have delivered over 10 million lines of code and generated over $10 million in revenue for clients. It has been a delight to work with clients from various industries and employ over 150 people. 

The list goes on as the team built and marketed the website, which is visited globally over 700,000 times with 24 million+ impressions. Imaginovation is featured in over 100 credible publications such as Forbes, Inc. Magazine, VentureBeat,, and many more. 

MagicTask - A New Journey in Making

Another exciting piece of news I would love to share here is the launch of our flagship tool - MagicTask. 

We are building a next-generation tool in the task and project management space known as MagicTask. It is still in the early stages and we are rolling out new features every week.

I wouldn’t divulge all the details here but I would like you to get the first-hand experience of our new tool here:

Our Future 

We have come a long way. So, what’s next? 

For me and Pete, the road ahead is packed with more excitement, innovation, and creating futuristic solutions for clients. 

Here’s what you should be looking out for in the next 5-10 years. Imaginovation’s future plans and goals will encompass:

  • Working with more long-term strategic clients that need technology that will positively impact the world.
  • Expansion of the management and executive team.
  • Expansion of the internal development and marketing teams.
  • Winning more credible technology awards.
  • Opening new office locations around the United States and around the world.
  • Becoming one of the highly sought-after app development companies in the entire US.
  • Achieving 5x in top-line revenue. 
  • Launching and highly monetizing new task and project management next-generation product known as in the market.
  • Becoming thought leaders in the tech space.
  • Acquiring other companies.

We promise to keep you amazed with more future-ready solutions as we complete more projects. So, look out for this space, and get ready to be amazed.

Lastly, It Wouldn’t Have Been Possible Without All Of You!

Imaginovation touches an important milestone of a decade of being in the industry, and it is a moment to reflect. 

A moment to realize that the journey would not have been possible without the unconditional support of all its clients, team members, supporters, and avid blog readers. 

As the team gets ready to take another leap into the future, here is a genuine expression of gratitude to all of you. 

Let’s get ready to have more fun and create remarkable digital journeys. 

Walk with us into the future!


Michael Georgiou

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