We are thrilled to announce the launch of our newly designed website today. Our new website reflects a stunning design driven by Imaginovation’s brand personality and intuitive customer experience.

The web development, UX/UI, and digital marketing teams at Imaginovation have worked countless hours together over the last seven months to ensure the best experience level is provided. We are confident (and more excited) to hear your feedback and thoughts after reviewing the new website.

At Imaginovation, “innovation” and “serving our customers” are our core values. We take immense pride in designing and developing future-facing solutions to put the spotlight on business growth and helping others find real significant long-term value.

Imaginovation began the journey over a decade ago from humble beginnings and today has grown into an award-winning custom software development company. So, here’s the thing—we’re passionate, and we scale our business efficiently and effectively to ride change!

That’s precisely why we felt the need to upgrade our website to bring in outstanding features to spur our customer experience. What’s exciting and new? Keep reading as we unveil Imaginovation’s new website!

What’s New?

Who doesn’t like a good story? If it’s engaging, you’re intrigued by it. Our new website is one thrilling and entertaining platform, not because we say so—you must explore to experience it. Here are some trending and exciting features.

1. Intuitive and Customer First Design Approach

A customer-first approach is not the only strategy for us. At the core, it’s about fostering a positive customer experience at every step of their journey.

What happens if you don’t keep customers at the centerpiece of a puzzle? What happens if you don’t understand the customer’s pain points or aha-moments? Yes, you’re right! You would never solve the puzzle. That’s why one needs an intuitive and sleek design.

A customer-first design approach is where a user can understand and use a design instantly. Imagine having a user racking their grey cells on where to head next on your website. that would be disastrous!

Focal Point: The intuitive design approach is one of the most vital features that you will experience with our revamped website. When you navigate, you can experience the approach in icons, text, and all design interfaces. The navigation is more seamless so that you won’t have too many clicks. It’s clean and minimalistic, which helps reach the required web page and content section much faster.

2. User Interface Reflecting Our Brand Identity

We believe in creating out-of-worldly (futuristic) solutions! Today, if you have future-facing apps designed and developed, you know your business will have the resilience to face super-fast changes.

As a brand, the key is getting you “future-ready” and offering potential customers and website visitors a seamless delivery of content, information, or one of our business services that meets their needs.

When you start exploring the new website, you can find our strong brand presence meticulously blended in the UI/UX. As a customer, it will give you a clear perception of our brand identity and personality, in addition to how we can best serve you.

Focal Point: We’ve revamped our website with UI/UX elements, focusing on driving our brand identity straight to the hearts of our customers.

3. Redefined Customer User Experience

The way we look at it, core values do matter! During the implementation of our website, we’ve kept empathy with our users backed by user data at the forefront. This approach has given us the firepower to understand and apply where the user finds and receives the most value.

The Imaginovation team poured in their creativity, technical knowledge, combined with our values and principles that motivated us to take our digital presence to the next level. So, in turn, you can receive a brilliant customer experience.

Focal Point: We looked at empathy mapping to understand the needs of our customers. Next, we created end-to-end experiences where customers enjoy aha-moments. We’ve also gone the extra mile in amplifying the customer emotion through stimulating UX to establish our brand identity in a clear and concise manner.

4. User-focused Website Copy and Brand Messaging

The content of a modern-day website that does not reflect the users' needs will not keep them engaged for long. We decided to revamp and reconstruct the overall communication of our website brand messaging and copy from generic communication to end-user-focused.

Simply put, we focused on making our website copy more of a service. Furthermore, any writing found on our revamped website is well-thought-out, intentional, value-driven, and curated around our visitors and ideal customer audience.

We believe in creating web content that's clear, concise, relevant, creates high value, and supports your business goals.

Focal Point: We moved our entire focus on more audience-centric experiences. Our web copy is exclusive and will be of immense value to our audience. For example, to reiterate our proof of work, we created visually and content-rich case studies beneficial to potential clients. The team has also worked on creating exclusive and stellar web content that will help readers understand clearly how we can best serve them, become more educated, and to further help establish our brand.

5. All-New Project Cost Calculator

Imagine getting excited about developing an app or website! Next, you wished for a quick rough estimate. How cool would it be if you had a project cost calculator to play and engage with? Well, we did it!

Imaginovation created a uniquely designed project cost calculator with more facets of what business owners and app entrepreneurs are looking for in this tool. And, even better, it’s FREE to use. We included all these aspects to get a more accurate estimate of the high-level cost for your project.

Many times, that cost can be a huge deciding factor if you are on a limited budget, and we understand! We truly get it...

Focal Point: You can calculate estimates for a Mobile App, Web App, Web & Mobile app, and Business website. Furthermore, each of these classes will run you through more intricacies so that you get a more precise estimate. However, please be aware that the estimates are still NOT accurate, they can range anywhere from 20-40% up or down depending on the project.

6. Much Faster CMS (Jamstack)

For future-facing solutions, one needs an architecture that changes modern web development.

That’s why we thought of adopting and implementing Jamstack. Now, what is Jamstack?

Firstly, it is an architecture similar to WordPress (but, 100k times better) that can help provide a more robust, secure, scalable website. In addition, it can make the overall website experience faster to maximize productivity.

Lastly, it offers content admin specialists a fast, scalable, and simple content management ability to update images, web copy, and blogs with SEO capabilities.

Focal Point: You will experience a very fast page loading speed compared to most websites. The CMS is simple and powerful, with a clean and straightforward interface.

7. Optimized for Core Web Vitals and Page Experience Signals

Did you know that Google marks a set of factors to measure a web page’s overall UX? The factors include interactivity, load time, and stability.

So, typically a load time should be around 2.5 seconds or less. In addition, an input delay should be less than 100 milliseconds. When it comes to a cumulative layout shift (CLS) score, it should be less than 0.1.

Focal Point: With Google’s new Core Web Vitals update, it is easy to evaluate a page experience score. Currently, the page experience signals of Google will be critical for search results. The algorithm will evaluate the page experience signals and rank pages higher with better user experience (UX).

Therefore, websites with slow speed and poor UX will be penalized. We found this as an excellent opportunity to comply with the update and optimize our website that 100% reflect the Core Web Vitals and page experience signals

8. Imaginovation Insider

We know exactly how important it is to have an active blog, and we have been doing it for the last ten years. But recently, we thought it's time for a revamp, so we have redesigned our blog, which now is called “Imaginovation Insider.”

As a business, we understand our blog readers, and we give enough attention to our readers via our content and overall blog experience. But with this new design, we have uplifted the whole experience to another level.

We have added some cool new features to it, like a sticky sidebar that will help users to navigate through different types of content and read blogs from a variety of categories. Additionally, the new blog is built to capture the audience’s attention on the most trending content being followed with other popular articles.

We created this for you to serve and give the highest value of education, insight, and inspiration within the industry of app development and technology.

The Final Word

With so many exciting and trending features on the revamped Imaginovation’s website, get ready to explore a fantastic website. Are you excited to know our software, web, and mobile app development process? Get in touch.


Michael Georgiou

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