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Years ago, technology seemed to be for only a select few types of people. Maybe it was only for adults or those that worked in the technology field. More recently, it seems that teens are the ones who are most adept with the advancing marvels of technology. Thanks to advances in IoT, tech is becoming something everyone can use – young, old, tech-savvy and even novices! Here are a few of our favorite IoT devices that are fun and useful for all ages!

For Young Kids – Ubooly: Learning Toy for Kids

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Ubooly is like an updated version of the Ferby, but much cooler, more fun and with educational benefits. Like most IoT devices, this one does require your phone and the Ubooly app on the Apple App store and Google Play. Everything else is quite simple. Your phone goes into the Ubooly stuffed toy, then you can let the fun take flight! Ubooly will entertain your child for hours, and in a more beneficial way than television. This is a fantastic toy that encourages children to engage in creativity in a variety of ways. Some of these creative activities include playing guessing games, recommending fun coloring ideas and playing music for your child to dance to. Kid’s don’t have to feel lonely, as Ubooly is right there to listen to him or her and to respond. With this, Ubooly can help your child with speech and conversational skills. This IoT device is definitely geared towards the youngest members of the family. The possibilities are endless -and guaranteed to be fun- with Ubooly.

For the Tween – Sphero: Robotic Ball

![Top IoT devices for Fun Games - Sphero](/img/6673-Sphero-SPRK.webp)
[Sphero]( is a mobile app-controlled ball, capable of doing all sorts of cool tricks. If your child is hitting those tween years, they’ll definitely love having something as impressive as Sphero to show off to all of their friends. At first glance, Sphero looks like just a normal, boring ball that you’d maybe get some fun out of by tossing around. This is nowhere close to a normal ball – you can control what your Sphero ball does. You decide what direction you want it to go, and how fast. Get creative and set up some unique obstacles for your Sphero ball to go through. Set up some ramps, some hoops, or an obstacle course with the cat – get creative! Then test it out. Tough and durable, you don’t have to be afraid of damaging Sphero – it’s durable and waterproof.

Controlling the speed and direction of Sphero is not the only thing you can do with the app though. There are endless games you can play, some of which are hand-eye coordination games, and even near virtual reality games. There is so much that you can do with Sphero, and it’s a great outlet for your tween to express themselves and impress their friends.

For Teens – Hendo: Hoverboard

What could possibly be cooler than riding around on a skateboard? How about riding around on a hoverboard?! Hendo is indeed a real hoverboard, and your teen is guaranteed to be the absolute coolest kid on the block with it. Hendo was created using some incredibly advanced technology that only a select few could have learned to operate in the past. Now Hendo has taken the complex concepts that make hovercraft possible, and created something teens can utilize it with ease. You have the option of purchasing Hendo’s premade hoverboard, which is meant to be ridden just like a skateboard that hovers, or you can purchase the hover engine, which allows you to turn practically anything into a hoverboard.

For Teens and Adults – Samsung Gear VR: Virtual Reality Headset

![Top IoT devices for Fun Games - Samsung Gear VR ](/img/6673-Gear-VR-1.jpg.webp)
The [Samsung Gear VR headset]( is not necessarily the first Virtual Reality headset to hit the market. However, it does seem to be the best so far. This headset is compatible specifically with the Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge Plus, or Nokia 5. Once the phone has been connected to the headset, all you have to do is strap it onto your head. One of the benefits of the Samsung Gear VR is that this headset isn’t nearly as heavy as other VR headsets, and it fits much more comfortably. Most of the weight that you feel from wearing the headset comes from the phone itself. The Samsung Gear VR is recommended for teens and/or adults, since what you see in the headset can seem pretty real. It is, after all, a virtual reality.
![VR Headset](/img/6673-GearVR_A-Night-Sky-1024x474.webp)
Once the headset is on, the possibilities are endless. Explore new places, play some interactive games, or even just watch Netflix. There are so many things to do with the VR headset, and you can see all the options in the [Oculus Store]( The Samsung Gear VR is something that you truly have to experience yourself and it’s much more than off market brands.

For Everyone – Nexus: Player

![Top IoT devices for Fun Games - Nexus Player](/img/6673-Nexus.png.webp)
While most of the IoT devices that have been listed here have been geared towards a specific age group, the [Nexus Player]( is something that the whole family can enjoy. The Nexus Player allows you to bring just about anything you want to see straight to your TV.
You can pull up different apps, games and all sorts of content to your TV with ease. One of the neatest qualities of the Nexus Player is the voice search that allows you to look up anything you want, just by using your voice. You can search and find anything in the world at your own voice command. Bring the family together with the Nexus Player and easily stream all of the rich content that’s spread across your devices on the big screen with ease.

In today’s world of tech, there is something out there for everyone in the family. The IoT devices for fun listed here are just the beginning!

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