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Every parent works hard to make sure that their kids are safe and well taken care of, happy and healthy. Internet of Things (IoT) technology offers a host of helpful products for families to embrace. From devices that empower parents with tracking, facilitate communication or measure body temperature, or even impact force – it’s all out there. There’s IoT tech for kids to cater every kind of event you could imagine as a parent!

We’ve compiled a list of our favorites. With all of these new devices, you can be sure that your child is safe and still able to have fun.

hereO: GPS Watch for Kids

![IoT Devices for Kids - hereO](/img/6743-HereO-1024x478.webp)
Tracking IoT devices for kids are nothing new, but a tracking device that the kid will actually want to wear is a whole new story. [HereO]( is a watch with built in GPS, specifically designed to appeal to little kid’s taste. These cool little devices come in all sorts of color combinations, guaranteeing that your child will find one that they like. It’s a win/win for both you and your child! They get to play and be themselves, and you can relax while keeping up with their whereabouts from your phone. The app works on both iOS and Android, with tons of tools and a slick and easy interface.

Tinitell: Wearable Phone for Kids

![IoT Devices for Kids - Tinitell](/img/6743-tinitell-1024x342.webp)
[Tinitell]( is a great way to keep in touch with your child at all times. This wristband allows you to speak directly to your child, no matter where they are. The best thing about Tinitell is that it is very simplified and so easy to use for all ages. The device comes in a variety of colors, and gives you peace of mind as you can know that you always have the ability to contact your child.

Filip: Wearable Locator and Phone for Kids

![IoT Devices for Kids - Filip](/img/6743-Filip.webp)
[Filip]( is very similar to both hereO and Tinitell in that it is another wristband that your child wears. Like hereO, Filip contains a GPS tracker to help you keep up with your child’s whereabouts, but it also allows phone calls just like Tinitell. Filip is a bit more advanced than both hereO and Tinitell, and is therefore recommended for kids that are a little bit older. Filip not only shows you your child’s whereabouts and lets you call them, but it also allows you to send short messages and lets them call you in the case of an emergency. You really can not go wrong with having a Filip for your school aged child, as it gives you all of the convenience of phone and text with none of the dangers of giving them unfettered access to a smartphone.

Kinsa: Smart Thermometer

![IoT Devices for Kids - Kinsa](/img/6743-Kinsa-Therm.webp)
When someone in the family gets sick, we want to give them the highest level of care. With the [Kinsa Smart Thermometer](, you can do just that. This super smart heat sensor be interfaced with your phone through the earbud jack, and synced up with the Kinsa app. With the app, you can log and keep track of your child’s temperature, and even their symptoms. Kinsa is easy to use on kids and it even offers a bubble-popping game to keep kids engaged and still while taking their temperature. Another handy feature is that you can log more than one household member’s temperature and symptoms at a time, and keep up with everyone’s health. The Kinsa smart thermometer may be just what you need during the flu season.

Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor

![IoT Devices for Kids - Owlet](/img/6743-Owlet-Smart-Sock-2-Baby-Monitor.webp)
The first stages of a baby’s life can be the scariest for new parents. There is so much to keep up, to keep track of, and to worry about. [Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor]( helps to alleviate some of those worries. Owlet is like a little bootie that your baby can wear, that monitors its heart rate, oxygen levels, skin temperature, sleep quality and sleep position, so you no longer have to worry at night. It does all of this with a built in wireless pulse oximeter, and then it stores all information in the cloud. This way, you can access your child’s information on any device at any time. Owlet is completely harmless and comfortable for your child, and it is also waterproof and easily washable.
![IoT Devices for Kids - Owlet features](/img/6743-Owlet-Smart-Sock-App.webp)
With all of these devices out there, this next generation may be the safest. All of the devices that we’ve listed above have the ability to save you time and ease your worries.

Do you have an idea for IoT tech meant for kids? Reach out to us and let us help you make it a reality!


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