Internet of Things (IoT), inspires us to look beyond the typical ways that we interact with each other, our homes and environment. Connecting with other people who are interested and passionate about the Internet of Things can be a jumping off point for new conversations, new ideas and eventually new IoT development.

People tend to trust technology more readily now, affording a great deal more opportunities for businesses think big when it comes to technology solutions. It’s possible to get that spark of inspiration that you need to propel your own ideas forward more effectively through consult with others that are on the same page. Whether you’re a developer or a businessperson, a marketer or a techie, these local NC events provide an outlet for you to connect with others curious about IoT.

IoT is an area that’s growing rapidly. There are constantly new devices and interfaces coming out onto the market. In order to learn about what’s new and what’s working within IoT, we highly recommend the following events. They all take place right here in North Carolina, a major tech hub.

RIoT Events

RioT is a local North Carolina organization that works to provide useful and important information about IoT to business owners and innovators. The group uses local events as a way to engage about the Internet of Things as well as to allow businesses to refine their understanding and take IoT to the next level. North Carolina is rife with potential for further developing IoT, and RioT is here to support development.

There are currently several events in the works with Riot, leaving you plenty of opportunities to get together with others and learn about how to successfully develop and implement IoT.

RIoT DOD and Military IoT

![It's a Riot: IoT Events in North Carolina | Imaginovation](
When: August 15, 6-9pm

Where: TBD

There are so many wide reaching implications of IoT for the military and other DOD related outlets. This event will dig deeper into DOD and military IoT applications and opportunities. Mark your calendar and sign up for updates!

RIoT Cary and Healthcare IoT

![It's a Riot: Iot Events in North Carolina | Imaginovation](
When: September 12, 6-9pm

Where: Cary, NC

Healthcare is a huge topic in IoT for good reason – it’s a growing field that’s only going to grow more over the next several years. Cary offers a fantastic backdrop of this event, which will breakdown what kinds of innovations in IoT are coming and what’s already out there for healthcare providers.

RIoT at All Things Open

![It's a Riot: IoT Events in North Carolina | Imaginovation]('s%20.png)
When: October 23, 2017

Where: Raleigh Convention Center

Though the details of this event haven’t been fully released just yet, that doesn’t mean it’s not well worth putting the date on your calendar, as all RIoT events offer something bold and useful. Check back for more details on this one.

The Internet of Things is the future

Keep an eye out for other IoT event as they pop up around the state, allowing business owners and developers a tremendous amount of opportunity to both absorb knowledge about this growing field of technology. The Internet of Things is only set to increase. Working with other people who are passionate about IoT will allow you to not only learn what you need to know going forward, but it can also springboard your ideas for a better technological future.

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