This is part two of our LinkedIn for Lead Generation series.

Profiles may be the core of LinkedIn, but connections are what keep people coming back. LinkedIn offers numerous ways to connect with others. Here’s how to take advantage of them!

· Inmail

The Inmail messaging feature is a great tool for contacting prospective clients. Keep in mind that you may need and upgrade to send Inmail to users outside of your network. When creating Inmail messages, keep it short, precise and employ the same social media communication norms that you would in any other online setting.

· Connections

Reach out to current and former colleagues, friends, former classmates or anyone that you have met that might help you further your business. When inviting someone to connect, add a personal message to remind them of how you met, particularly if you met them at a crowded networking event!

· Tagging

Add tags to categorize your contacts. This tool makes it easier for you to distinguish between different segments of your connections. For example, if you want to segment your contacts by a certain company or location, you can create a specific tag for them, making it easy to filter through them.

· Ask and answer questions in LinkedIn groups

Participating in groups increases your visibility and helps you build authority in your industry. Join relevant groups in your industry and participate as much as you can. It’s well worth the effort. Don’t see a group for your industry? Start one!

· Comment on articles

When you see an article related to your industry, comment or ask questions. Unlike groups, these comments can be seen by anyone on the platform. This is another small way to build up your presence on LinkedIn. It’s the little things that add up on social media.

· Share relevant content

Share your knowledge about your industry. When you see related news, post it. This increases your authority in your industry and puts you in your connections’ news feeds.

· Publish articles

Publish Linkedin Articles

The Linkedln article publishing feature allows you to write and publish your own content. Take advantage of this feature, especially if you are a great writer. When you publish an article, your connections are notified, bringing you a lot of exposure. At Imaginovation, we re-publish many of our articles on the LinkedIn profile to increase our reach, so it’s an ideal platform for content syndication as well.

Want to read more about LinkedIn for Lead Generation? Check out Part 1: Optimize Your Profile and be sure to check back for our final segment!


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