LinkedIn isn’t just for job seekers and connecting with your colleagues, it’s also one of the best platforms for entrepreneurs to find prospective clients. It’s a veritable gold mine for lead generation if you know how to leverage it properly. This three part series aims to help you do just that. In this first part, we’ll discuss optimizing your profile.

The first step is getting your profile in tip top shape. Profiles are a core part of the LinkedIn experience. Here’s what you need to know about fully optimizing your LinkedIn profile.

· Complete your LinkedIn profile to at least 90%

Linkedln measures the percentage completeness of your profile and you should ensure it’s at least 90% complete, so making sure every part of your LinkedIn profile is completed should be your very first step. According to Linkedln, users who complete their profile are 40 times more likely to be found during searches. You might be surprised at just how many people don’t complete their profile. When clients click on your profile, they want to know virtually everything about you and a complete profile would help them do that.

· Keep your LinkedIn current

Many user fill in their profile once and forget about it. This is a mistake! Clients don’t want to see jobs you did several years back, they want to see recent activities. They are more interested in the latest projects you completed, recent certifications and recommendations. Keep your profile fresh!

· Profile picture

Optimize Your Profile Picture

According to Linkedln, uploading a profile picture makes your account 7 times more likely to be found in searches.

You should use a clear photo, one that strikes a balance between being friendly and professional. Avoid obviously cropped pictures. Take a look at the profiles pictures of other people and businesses within your niche to get an idea of what your LinkedIn photo should look like. Observe what they are wearing and get a quality picture of same standard.

· Custom LinkedIn URL

This feature makes it easier to publicize your profile. Instead of having those wacky combinations of numbers and letters that Linkedln automatically assigns you during registration, you would get something like www.linkedln/yourname.

To do this simply edit your profile and at the bottom of the section that shows your information, and click on “public profile URL”. Then you can edit it and input what you want. Click “finished” to update the URL. A custom URL is also good for SEO and it’s much easier to include on resumes and business cards.

· Summary

This is this section where you’re telling readers briefly about you, your skills, passions, exceptional qualifications, exposure you have gotten in various industries and more. Ideally, it should be around 3 -5 paragraphs, with a bulleted section in the middle. You’re going to want to work hard on your summary – it’s a place to really shine. LinkedIn now allows you add multimedia to your summary, so you can boost your summary by adding a photo, video, slide presentation that relates to your profession.

· Your positions

Here you should list all of your past jobs, including a detailed description of all your responsibilities. Also include a breakdown of the day to day tasks you performed for each position. You should include a bulleted list of your accomplishments and involvement in that job. This helps potential business connections imagine the story of your professional career. Be sure to add the relevant keywords in your industry.

· Recommendations

Linkedin Recommendations

Write recommendations for current and former colleagues and encourage them to recommend you as well. Nothing promotes you better than the words of those who worked with you. Detailed recommendations work best!

  • Skills

    LinkedIn for Lead Generation Part 1: Optimize Your Profile | Imaginovation

You will miss out on many opportunities if you don’t optimize the skills area of your profile. Add as many skills as you have. To optimize your skill section, you need to make use of the same keywords you used in your profile summary. After adding your skills, you will want to again get endorsements from your connections. Linkedln displays your top 10 skills based on endorsements.

Think you have a great LinkedIn profile? Share the link in the comments. We’d love to connect with you! Be sure check back with us as we explore more ways to optimize LinkedIn for lead generation!


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