Hello, all you business owners, digital marketers, developers and designers out there. Hope you had a great February and were able to achieve all that you set out to accomplish this month. We also hope you had a look at our blog posts that we published all through this month. The core aim of our blog posts is to help readers gain insights that can help improve business profitability and/or enhance their skill sets.

This post is essentially a wrap of the posts that we published in February. So, here’s an overview of our February posts:

Lessons for Newbie Entrepreneurs: How to Digitally Market on a Shoestring Budget – For Imagine

We came up with a post that specifically targeted newbie entrepreneurs and discussed various strategies that help them satisfy digital marketing goals on a shoestring budget.

Entrepreneurs, especially those that have just begun to give shape to their business, want to control their overheads. They want to spend their money wisely. Initially, most of their budget is taken up by product research and development, which leaves very little money in hand for marketing this product. But they can’t afford to ignore product promotion, because that’s what is going to make their product more visible in front of their audience.

This article tells them how they can achieve their marketing goals without spending a bomb. Strategies discussed include, making use of long tail keywords for PPC, leveraging the potential of emails, using social channels for customer engagement and in-house content creation.

Each and every strategy listed and discussed in this post, can be implemented without making a substantial monetary investment. If you haven’t read this post yet, go ahead read it. And tell us what you think!

12 Extremely Useful Tools for Web Designers – For Innovate

The one great benefit of technology is that it has made certain activities extremely simple for us. Take the case of web design. There are plenty of tools available on the market that makes certain core design processes simpler and faster for designers. These tools are not only useful but also help designers come up with better designs. It’s important to understand that such tools do not provide an easy way out for designers; you cannot cut corners. They just add a touch of convenience to the job.

The 12 tools covered in this article include Sketch 3, ImageOptim, Emmet LiveStyle, Icon Slate, Axure, Typetester, Pixel Dropr, ColorZilla, 960 Grid System, Pixlr, Browsershots and ColorMunki.

These tools will help optimize your design process. So, take a look if you haven’t done so yet.

At Imaginovation, we constantly endeavor to make a meaningful contribution to our domain, and these posts are an effort in this regard. We trust you enjoyed reading these posts as much as we had creating them.


Pete Peranzo

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