It is imperative for a business to have an online presence these days, or you are severely limiting your customer base. As discussed in an earlier post, Wed design is crucial to the success of your website. However, there’s a lot more you need to do to gain maximum benefit out of your website.

Enter SEO. Search engine optimization basically means optimizing your website so that it can be found by Google’s search algorithm, which, in turn, will generate a ton of organic traffic for you.

Here are a few reasons why this is important and how it can give you a better return on investment.

SEO goes hand in hand with Web development

Your Web designer should be well-conversant with SEO and know how to incorporate good SEO elements into the design of the website. This is very important.

Note that there are certain websites that look very impressive, but don’t contain any provisions for search engine optimization simply because they aren’t built with SEO techniques or strategies in mind.

Smart SEO techniques bring more customers

Not every good-looking website is necessarily earning its owner a good return on their money. Unless it has been optimized for SEO, chances are it is not even getting many visitors.

With SEO in general, and local SEO in particular, you can set your website up in a way that it ranks towards the top in Google search results.

For example, if you run a salon business in Raleigh, you would want to make sure your website is found when a prospective client enters the following in their Google search bar:

“best hair cut Raleigh”


“good manicure Raleigh”

For new businesses especially, if they have implemented SEO techniques smartly, this is a great way of attracting potential customers. Think of all the hundreds of dollars you’d otherwise spend on marketing your business through off-line channels (and still not get as many customers). Through efficient SEO you will keep getting new business over the years.

Choose competitive keywords and create good content

The world of SEO has changed a lot over the years. The focus is now on good content, and that is unlikely to change anytime soon.

After having found competitive keywords for which you want your business to rank high on Google, set about incorporating these keywords into your website in a manner that looks natural and adds value to the overall content.

One of the best ways of doing this is by creating high-value content for your readers. Introduce a blog section on your website to share useful information with them. By useful we do not mean information that would be useful to you, but that which would help your readers. Aim to inform them, address the most commonly asked questions, share tips — overall, try to leave your readers better-informed for having read your blog.

Incorporate your desired keywords into this content but keep in mind that the aim of the blog, and indeed all the other content on your website, is to help the reader — so desist from pushing your products and/or services too much. This is important since Google takes a dim view of websites that post content created with only one intention — to sell.

Good SEO should work in tandem with social media efforts

With SEO in place, and excellent content to go with it, your website will show up in relevant search results. While this will bring more customers, it will also help you gain more referrals and improve your overall online credibility.

Create a presence for your business on all the major social networks and encourage your customers to like your website or follow it on social media if they are happy with your services. This is likely to earn you many more new customers.

In Conclusion

So, to sum up, efficient search engine optimization leads to your website being found by prospective customers, your helpful content encourages them to try your service, and your social media presence helps them spread word about their experience with you. If done well, it’s easy to see how this chain of events will lead to excellent returns on your investment.

Hopefully by now you have a fair idea of what SEO is all about and why it is inevitable for your business online. We are leaving you with an excellent guide on SEO by Moz. Read it, implement the suggestions, and let us know how it goes!


Pete Peranzo

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