In today’s Internet-based world, most ambitious businesses have learned the importance of building and maintaining websites. A strong online presence is now a requirement for long-term success in the world of commerce.
However, technology is a fast moving space and merely having a website is not enough anymore. People are now increasingly moving from desktop PCs and laptops to smartphones and tablets to meet their online needs. The widespread use of mobile devices is changing the way consumers today access information, interact with brands, and conduct business.

Let’s look at some stats that underline the above:

• In December 2013, users in America spent over 27 hours a month browsing the Internet on their PCs as compared to nearly 35 hours on their smartphones.

• App usage constitutes the majority (86 percent) of time spent on phones.

• Consumers are more likely to shop on mobile devices than on PCs.

These stats have made it clear that a mobile presence is critical for companies to attract, retain and communicate with customers.
But despite such compelling evidence of the power of mobile apps many business owners continue to be skeptical or ignorant about this marketing medium.

If you happen to be one of those, read on to know how a lack of a mobile app can affect your business:

You Lose Customers

As the number of mobile users continues to skyrocket, most of them have started using their smartphones as their primary device to access the Internet. The main reason for you to have a mobile app is that your smartphone-happy customers are going to look for you in the various app stores. If they don’t find you there they will just go somewhere else. Guess whose loss would that be?

People expect brands and companies to innovate and keep up with the times, and are quick to shun those who lag behind. A mobile app will help you give your customers the mobile experience they are seeking.

You Lag behind the Competition

Another disadvantage of not developing a mobile app is that you will continue to fall behind your competitors and with time catching up will become even more difficult. If your competitors are offering a mobile platform to their customers, eventually your users will also flock to them. If you want to hold on to your customers and bring new ones into the fold, you will need to reach them in a way that they want to be reached.

You Lose Revenue

People and their phones are inseparable these days. This makes it possible for them to browse and shop any time of the day or night. If you don’t provide a mobile app for your business, you put your business at risk and lock yourself out of the opportunities available.

Businesses with mobile apps generate more leads and ultimately increase their customer base. So if you are not reaching your customers on their smartphones, you are losing out.
Furthermore, the universal nature of mobile connectivity allows for opportunities in generating new revenue streams. The return on investment for a mobile app is incredibly quick as well.

How a Mobile App Can Help Your Business

There are many reasons for companies today to create mobile apps for their businesses. Now that you have understood how badly not having a mobile app can hurt you, let’s discover how it can benefit your business:

Capture Mobile Commerce

M-commerce growth is outpacing traditional eCommerce growth by 200%. Mobile technology has made it easy for people to find a nearby food joint or book movie tickets while being driven around in their car. With a dedicated mobile app for your business you will be able to capture this vast consumer segment that is always researching and shopping on the go.

Provide Better Customer Service

A mobile app will help you deliver true value to your customers. In-app customer service lets you respond to tickets faster and better, get customer feedback, and boost the lifetime value of each customer.

Engage Customers

A mobile app creates an opportunity to establish and build relationships with your audience. You can do this through a number of tactics such as turning your product into a game, offering a freebie in exchange for taking a short survey, or by enabling consumers to customize their mobile shopping experience, to name a few.

Promote Your Products

You can use apps to promote your business. Mobile apps are a great way to get started in new markets or to expand your business in general.

Reach More Customers

Most people today have super busy schedules and not enough time to sit in front of their computers to Google things of their interest. The sheer convenience of smartphones and the ease of use of apps can therefore help you find new customers while they are mobile.

Acquire Loyal Users

According to 2013 Maritz Loyalty Report, 73% of smartphone users are interested in interacting with loyalty programs through their mobile devices. Integrating a loyalty feature into your mobile app can make it stand out from the crowd and help you give your customers a sense of being valued.

With the mobile industry booming, it is most advisable for every business to develop mobile apps to promote its products. Mobile is the future, so embracing this medium is guaranteed to produce the desired results for your business.


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