The Super Bowl is over, the Panthers have lost, and the advertisers are enjoying the fruits of their labor. The Internet is now awash with post-mortem reports of the game itself, while the marketing world is busy looking at the most popular commercials from the event. A number of such lists are already out, some based on the ratings given out by the public.

Celebrities, puppies, and straightforward messages were the themes for the commercials aired during Super Bowl 50, with a few exeptions.

Our personal opinion aside, we decided to look at the social media to understand what is trending there and why. Here’s a list of the top commercials from the Super Bowl 50 extravaganza, based on their social metrics. As content marketers, there’s a lot for us to learn from them. We are tipping our hats to the brilliant creative minds behind these successful campaigns!

  1. Hyundai First Date

No. of YouTube views: 11.6 million

No. of social shares: 16,075

No. of likes: 67,625

3693 hyundai


Created by: INNOCEAN Worldwide, USA

What worked?

So many of us can relate to this – an overprotective father freaked out by his daughter’s date, obsessed with knowing where she is and what they are up to!

Hyundai nailed the parental paranoia in this Genesis advertisement. The car’s Car Finder feature works with smart wear and accurately presents the vehicle’s GPS location.

Young and old, men and women, alike can identify with it, while having a good laugh at ourselves. We have all dealt with such a character at some point. Indeed, how far would you go to protect your child?!

The takeaway: Tug at people’s age-old fears. The father-daughter connect never fails!

  1. Mountain Dew PuppyMonkeyBaby

No. of YouTube views: 9.36 million

No. of social shares: Corresponding data from YouTube not available

No. of likes: 8994


Created by: BBDO New York

What worked?

This one is as wacky as they get. Not everyone might get the humor in it, but it seems to have hit the mark with its target audience.

Can I say that men guzzle down more Mountain Dew per annum and are typically more into sports than women? I don’t have statistics to back this, but it seems to me this ad is targeted more at men than it is at women. I mean, a few guys huddled around a TV set might find it more humorous for a ghoul-like creature to emerge in diapers and start dancing on their center tables while shaking a can of Mountain Dew, than would women. However, I might be wrong, and the commercial may be as much of a hit with women as with men.

It certainly has attracted mixed opinions, but it is viral, nevertheless!

The takeaway: Dare to be different.

  1. Wix Kung Fu Panda

No. of YouTube views: 3.94 million

No. of social shares: 416

No. of likes: 1018

3693 kungfupanda


Created by: Dreamworks (the producer of the Kung Fu Panda series)

What worked?

We all love Po and his eccentric little father who can’t stop raving about the secret ingredient in his soup.

This commercial promotes the third movie in the Kung Fu Panda series along with showcasing the power of website maker Wix. The message is clear and delivered in a straightforward manner. What caught people’s fancy was the connection to one of Hollywood’s all-time favorite animation movies.

The takeaway: Popular fictional characters never fail to put a smile on our faces.

  1. Budweiser’s No Drunk Driving

No. of YouTube views: 3.94 million

No. of social shares: 7722

No. of likes: 9061

3693 budweiser


Created by: Anomaly

What worked?

Helen Mirren, a straight-shooting and “notoriously frank and uncensored British lady,” lays it down. You absolutely cannot drink and drive, unless you are a waste of human flesh.

This is an attempt by Budweiser at driving across the point that drinking is supposed to be fun and that no lives should be put at risk by a decision to get behind the wheel despite alcohol in our system.

#GiveADamn is about starting a trend and going beyond what the company calls the usual ‘do-not-drink-and-drive’ campaigns.

The takeaway: This is an important message delivered in sharp language that aims to strike a chord with hundreds of thousands of us affected by drunk driving.

  1. Honda Ridgeline

No. of YouTube views: 3.45 million

No. of social shares: Corresponding data from YouTube not available

No. of likes: 2403


Created by: RPA

What worked?

Big farms, singing sheep, a shiny black truck and a handsome Border Collie. This is as American as it gets. It’s cute and mushy, the kind of thing that never gets old.

The takeaway: Woof woof! We love our dogs. We love our trucks. We love fables. And we love animals that can sing!

Which company won you over?

Which was your favorite ad from the Super Bowl 50 and why? Which one do you feel is going to go down in history as the best of the lot? Our money is on #PuppyMonkeyBaby!


Pete Peranzo

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