Social media websites have become very popular over the years. More and more people are signing up for accounts on different social media networks. As such, businesses and companies are now seeing the essence of involving them in their marketing mix. With increased number of people using them every minute, social media websites form an important platform for companies and businesses to market their products and services. However, there are businesses and companies that are not getting what they want from the mainstream social media websites. Such businesses and companies may want to design and develop social media websites so that they can get maximum return from their investment in these sites.

Designing a social media website that will give you what you want

Designing a social media website is not the same as adding elements of the social media to your website. This is because you are doing more than just plugging in additional widgets to a site so that users can see a streaming newsfeed from a blog. It entails outlining main features that you want for which social network or website to have. You have to design a social media site with everything that you want users to see when using your social media network. Determine the information that will be made private and one that will be public. In addition, consider functions that will enable you to protect data on the social media website.

Basically, you have to take a macro view of the complete website. Consider goals that you have about the website starting from the launch date and months after. Breakdown every aspect and function of the social media site into details such as administrative functions and advertising functions if possible, and among others. If there are things that you want administrators to monitor or control, make them clear while designing the website. For advertisers, decide whether they will create their own ads and also how CPMS will be monitored.

You should also consider registration of members. Determine how new members will register and whether registration will be free. You can have an automatic registration or one that will require email confirmation. Have specific details of functions such as uploading videos and images, and other interactive elements. Consider restrictions such as the file types that members will be allowed to upload. You have to determine what your social media website will support during the designing process.

Each detail of the designing process will enable you to choose the technology to use in developing your social media website. In addition, it will guide you in budgeting for the development of the website. Therefore, your social media designing process should entail outlining everything into clear details of goals and expectations of a social media website.

Know your niche and financial goals

You need to decide the community or group of people who you want to be using your social media website. People use linked in for creating professional contact and Facebook for superficial interaction or networking. Therefore, decide who will be able to use your website and information that they will be required to reveal or hide during registration.

You should also have financial goals of your website in mind. Decide whether your site will allow different forms of online marketing such as use of affiliate links or AdSense. If your goal of having a social media website is to boost your marketing efforts, then you are likely to reap maximum benefits. This is because you will get a good mailing list from your niche website.

Nevertheless, for your social media website to gain popularity among users, it has to provide them features and functionalities that they look for in a social media website. Therefore, have thorough knowledge of the needs of your target community in mind before embarking on the social media website development process. Your goal should be to give users of your social media website the best experience. You can do this if only you have a better understanding of what they go through and perhaps, what the available social media sites are not giving them.

Choose the right technology and developers

After identifying the functions of your social media website and knowing what you want users to get from it, you have to choose a platform on which to create your website. Evaluating available technologies is not easy. It requires professional assistance. There are many consultants who you can hire to assist you in evaluating different technologies. Ask the consultant as many questions as possible before choosing the technology to use. If possible, ask more than once consultant before choosing the platform on which to develop your social media website. It is advisable that you take more time to make yourself familiar with technologies that are available for you. This will enable you to choose the best technology to build your social media website on.

Once you have identified the best technology on which to develop your website, hire the best team of developers. These should be experienced professionals. They should have been part of a development team in the past that has come up with a successful social media website. They should be conversant with different aspects of developing a social network such as how to ensure security, the right servers to use and how to create a social network that has innovative features. In addition, let them know your idea and what you are looking for in your social media site.


If you want to build the next big social media website, you have to take time in doing research and experimenting. You have to know what the current social media sites are offering, what internet users would like a new social media site to have and how to have them join your website. You also need to learn about different technologies and which one suits your target community. There are different technologies that can be used for developing social media sites for small, advanced and huge communities. Take time to know more about them and choose the best technology for your social media website. It is also crucial that you have adequate financing for designing and developing your social media website.


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