Video draws us in, makes us feel as though we’re seeing into another world. Moving pictures have revolutionized the way that people think of the world around them, expanding notions of what was possible and enlivening the imagination. Today we’re seeing new revolutions through the magic of video and technology.

Hot on the scene today are some incredible video trends that go much deeper than the style of the video or the way that images are cut together – these are fundamental changes to video itself and how they are presented to the audience.

360 Video

The closest thing that you can imagine without actually being there, 360 video offers the full breadth of view to anyone who is looking. What’s really cool about it is that it’s interactive – viewers can drag their mouse (on a computer) or their finger (on a touchscreen) to the right and left in order to essentially “turn their head” to see what’s going on in any direction. Both live and archived video are possible with 360.

Multiple cameras are used in one of several configurations, then the video is stitched together to create a seamless image and the effect is impressive. That ability to pan and rotate really is what sets 360 video apart and what makes is just so darn cool.

Recently there’s been an uptick in the use of 360 video, with major events like the presidential nominating conventions San Diego Comicon being covered with this technology, to the delight of viewers.

The cameras used to film 360 video can be pricey, but both Google and Facebook have released free source blueprints for users to make inexpensive versions of the cameras. The rise of 360 has been quick as the technology has progressed to allow more immediate access to users in the last several years, in terms of viewing as well as the ability of users to generate their own 360 videos.

360 video is an important step on the road to virtual reality and right now it’s a video trend that we’re loving.

Point of View

Where 360 puts situations into a larger context, Point of View (POV) has the exact opposite effect – it personalizes the experience of the user.

POV is the opposite of a selfie, it’s first person viewing. The camera is positioned as though the user were looking directly out of their eyes and onto the world as they would see it from their perspective if they were there. The video is often shaky as is called for by the context of the video, for instance a bike bumping along a mountain trail.

This style of video has certainly been around for a while, but there is both a saturation and an access to the technology that has made POV trend upwards in recent years. This past spring saw the first POV feature film, Hardcore Henry, debut to great success That film was created entirely with a GoPro camera, the device which has been a primary driver in the popularity of POV.

The POV trend is showing no signs of slowing, particularly as it becomes paired with other forms of video like livestreaming and 360 video.


It’s difficult to overestimate the significance of livestreaming and how it’s transforming society and culture.

From the beginnings with Periscope last year to the monumental rollout of Facebook Live this year, the ability of regular people to broadcast their lives live over the internet has proven to be the most resonant video trend that’s come about in recent memory. It only takes the press of a button on a smartphone to suddenly put anything out there for all to see.

What’s really great about livestreaming is that it offers a real window into events. There is no filter on what we can have access to. Thus far we have found that those events can have a palpably negative nature, but for the most part are informative and offer a deeper understanding of experiences around the world.

There is a rawness to livestreaming, a realness that is what makes it so incredibly enticing. This isn’t Big Brother, because those on camera have ultimate control over what’s being broadcast, but it retains an element of intimacy that’s remarkable.

Mid Length

Online videos today are trending to be about as long as a quick shower, with nearly 50% of videos viewed on mobile being just six minutes long. This trend for video that’s not truncated down to almost nothing but also that’s short enough to be viewed easily anytime is good news for everyone. That’s because videos that are mid length allow for viewers to get the information that they need without getting lost in the clutter.

We love that videos this length are accessible for small companies to create without breaking the bank, but that they also are long enough to invite creativity. Trending past tiny snippets is good for everyone, as viewers who are accustomed to this length aren’t surfing to and from content at such a high rate of speed. Shortening attention spans have long been challenging for business, as they just don’t allow enough time to get a solid message out to the consumers.

Think about those cartoon shorts that are so fun and compelling, featuring our favorite characters going on an adventure. Video that’s five to six minutes long allow for time to tell those stories. Video is really compelling when it has the chance to tell a story, and we love that the trend in video to a reasonable length offers enough time to tell one.

Video as a medium

In and of itself, video is a medium that reflects who we are. Some of the trends that we love are controversial, like livestreaming. Others like 360 are more innocuous. However the point is that video is more than just entertainment, with online video trends marking a significant shift in what we as a society see ourselves as.

Why is everyone obsessed with video? Because video is the closest thing to real life that we’ve got and the window into something beyond ourselves is just too tempting to pass by.

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